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Been Acne-Free For More Than A Year

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Hello, all you wonderful people!

It has now been more than a year since I finally beat my acne. It left a lot of scars - both physically and mentally. The physical scars aren't noticable, though. The red marks are still visible, though. The good thing is, their colour have diminished down to a redish freckle-colour. I'm unsure if people around me even notice them. But then there are the mental scars. I still feel "a bit behind" when talking social skills; I don't like being touched, standing close to someone (no matter who), confiding in others and such.

Despite all this, the acne still brought a lot of good with it. I became much more certain of who I am. I realised I want to spend my life protecting nature (which means, while everybody else are still unsure what to do after highschool, I already know where and what I will study). I actually wrote a very important paper about this topic, back in December; I was one of the pupils with the highest score.

But despite the positive effects of the acne, I would probably not choose to get it, if I had the choice. But I'm glad it's over, and I do not regret trying to beat it earlier.

The struggle was long, hard, and most of all, painful. So terribly painful. But I did it. I really did. And you know what?

You can do it, too.

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You cured your acne with BP alone? I find this surprising especially considering your age.

BP is the most active product helping me to keep my acne completely away. I have found a cleanser that helps, too. And in addition to that, I've developed a couple of habits that help (not touching face, change pillows often, ect).

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