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I have started working out once again, wanting to go back into shape. Since I have started using Dan Regiment process for almost 2 months I'm worried. After applying the Benzoyl Peroxide on my face carefully avoiding eye contact, eventually start my workout. The problem is that whenever I sweat, the benzoyl that's combined with my sweat manage to get into my eyes. I don't know if I should stop using BP on the morning and only night?

The regiment though requires to use it 2 times a day, Can someone help me out please?

The regiment has really helped me a little, but I get these red burn on my cheeks when using BP even though I moisturize.

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Apply BP after you work out in the morning. Wash it off from the night before, exercise, then rinse your face with water and a wash cloth. Then apply your BP as you get dressed.

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No getting around the BP getting in your eyes; but i would deal with that pain rather than go off the Regimen.

This what i did the other day after a haircut or sometimes when i just have to wash at work for whatever reason:

i cant stand the hairs on my face/neck/ears etc so i wash my face at my barber's; removes all of my BP (I also apply over this as a moisturizer 10% AHA as part of my regimen in the am) and after washing, it really leaves me dry.

(You could wash before your work out to remove the BP therefore avoid burning eyes).

After this unexpected washing, I apply an aveno travel moisturizer i keep in the car so i don't flake out, not embarrassing if you apply only the moisturizer at gym, same as i do after a haircut or at work. This in between moisturizer only lasts until i get home.

I then immediately wash (aveno non foaming) and apply my BP with my "regular" moisturizer (CeraVe; love this stuff and i NEVER moisturized my face before the Regimen) and this lasts until bed when i wash again. I have done this sometimes 2-3 times in a week and i have had no problems drying out other than having to moisturize more, which has not been a problem as long as i stay with the BP.

BTW, my experience on the Regimen is to be as gentle as possible to my face; no wash cloths; scrubs; anything other than a 10 second once over with the aveno face wash.

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Good Morning and welcome to the acne.org community! Many of us, like myself, are avid workout fans and use the regimen religiously, we just schedule our workouts around our schedule. If you work out in the morning, try working out, then doing the regimen and vice versa for the evening. If you tend to work out mid day, just splash your face with water or dab your face with a soft cloth post workout. Hope that helps and good luck!

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