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I'm Sick Of Chest Acne

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I understand it's horrible isn't it. I was 14 when my problems first started and it is only now at 17 that I have found a treatment which works for me. I could ramble on forever about the treatments I have tried to get rid of my body acne if you would like? But I feel that the most important thing to realize (and what I wish I could tell my 14 year old self) is that having acne on your chest, back, face, whatever is just a part of growing up that most people go through. Don't ever think of yourself as suffering with acne, it is just something you have. If you want to wear that low cut top or that bikini, wear it because I promise you no one will say anything and at the end of the day if they do they aren't worth it.

There are several things that I have taken away from having body acne. The first is that I have still had boyfriends but also when I ask boys how what they think about how I dress, which is very conservative and usually high neck clothing, they say that I dress modestly. Now believe me, there have been times when I wanted to wear a backless prom dress, but I think about it in a different light. Maybe there is a reason behind it. Don't let it effect your confidence at all! I used to go to a mixed school and the girls used to look flawless. Now I go to an all girls school and I realize that what I mistook for flawless beauty was just a lot of makeup and mirrors. Girls tend not to bother too much when they are around girls so I now know what real beauty is. Just know you are worth as much as the next girl no matter what she looks like. We all have our flaws.

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