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The Regimen And Chemical Peels--Please Help!

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Hi everyone.

I am not new to the regimen. I've done it for two other long periods of time in my life. Both times, I tried to quit and ended up with severe acne again. This last time, I spent a year doing every all-natural and dietary intervention I possibly could and still sit here with painful, oozing, severe, red cystic acne all over my face. I can't take the pain any longer. It looks like I'm probably going to have to go back on the regimen again, as sick as it makes me. My skin just doesn't function normally and nothing I do seems to change that.

My question: Is it possible, at all, to do a once-weekly chemical peel while on the regimen? I seem to recall it making your skin highly sensitive and easily irritated. The trouble is, I just bought this really good lactic acid chemical peel that I really like. I still have a whole bottle. It doesn't even remotely stop the acne, but it is making the rest of my skin very smooth and lovely. So I'd like to keep using it, especially to help with the flaky skin that the regimen could cause. But I don't want to burn my skin.

If using them together isn't a good idea, I will probably have to either use up my chemical peel first (would take a long time and I don't know if I could wait that long) or just focus my efforts on getting clear with the regimen and then hope and pray that at some point my hormones will balance and I can get off the BP and start working on peels again.

Does anyone have any thoughts? I just want to help myself stop suffering at this point.

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Have you ever tried Glycolic chemical peel pads made by Glytone? I started with a low percentage and then got up to 70%. I had the dermatologists do it then bought my own on Ebay and just followed what the Dr did. It works great for me but it is not getting rid of it all the way. I still have my normal per period breakout on my chin. You do not want to burn your face and scare yourself. Look of the Glytone adn start with 40% then see what your face can tolerate. You should only allow this acid on your face no longer than 6 min and work yourself up to no longer than 8 minutes depending on your skin. I would have the Dr do it first then when they find your tolerance do it yourself. GooD Luck.

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Hi there. Repeating peels depend on the kind of acid, it's concentarion and the time you let it react with your skin, with other words the power and the depth of the peel determine the time that your skin need to recover. If those are performed correctly usually lactic acid peel can be repeated after at least 1 week, glycolic - more than 2 weeks, TCA and phenol - a month or more. But then again all depend on skin itself. Keep in mind that it is dangerous if skin is exposed to sunlight shortly after peels.

By the way how you concluded it's hormonal issue? Consider taking zinc supplements, can take 100 mg for a month watch for improvement and then can reduce to 50 or 25 mg for long period of time.

That painful red cyst all over face sounds like some kind of infection, you might wanna test for Staphylococcal infection.

best of luck

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