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I'm totally considering this but I'm just so unsure. I notice my skin does get significantly worse just before my period is due and during it. Like really worse. The only thing putting my off is that Ive read alot of people having a side-effect of HAIR SHEDDING. And this is what worries me about it, I have naturally curly/medium thickness hair BUT it is very very thin at the front and looks as if Im receeding tbh sicne I only have alot of fine "baby" hair at the front.

Spiro just seems as if it may actually help me out though, so I don't know if I should just bite the bullet and try it out. I'm going to tell my doctor about it, I'm not sure if I can get it prescribed however I have found a place online where I can buy it. So I would take it regardless. I see alot of women taking it in conjunction with BCP...Im presuming this is to have a balnce of hormones. I already know I have slightly elevated androgens but are within a "normal" range so since it is an "anti-androgen" Im guess it will help lower these hormones...

I think I still need to look into it a bit more but its definately on my radar and Im hitting breaking pointsince I'm so sick of these fucking breakouts, and its like tiny spots, not cysts or anything just small almost like a heat rash kinda spots at the top of my mouth on my chin and forehead, even a patch at the sides of my nose and onto my cheek. My skin wasn't this bad like a couple weeks ago so I know it MUST be my period. GRRR I hate this shitty skin.

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i can tell you i have been on it 2 months and dont have any extra shedding of my hair that i know of but i would suggest if you take it to only get it from your doctor. it is a serious enough drug that you need to have bloodwork done every few months to check your potassium levels. my derm and endocrinologist had no problem giving this to me and my hormone levels were fine.

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Thanks for your reply :) I have an appointment with my doctor next wednesday and I an going to tell her I want to try it. I don't have a derm or endocrinologist, can doctors prescribe it themselves? My doctor is kinda dead set on me going on Dianette so I really don't have high hopes that she would prescribe it to me. I really don't want to go on Dianette due yo personal reasons with Bcp's. But I have found a great online retailer that ship it over so could easily purchase it if I was 100 % cerain it will work for me.

Have you had much success with it?

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i dont see why the doctor wouldnt be able to give this to you since they can give you birth control pills. i totally get why you dont want to take them. i blame birth control for my acne in the first place. i never had any type of acne until i was 19 and got on depo provera. i got off of that after 2 years due to it giving me acne and went on ortho-try-cyclen for about 11 years on and off and i would say over time it made my acne worse and worse so in 2008 they put me on yaz and i got a phlebitis in my arm and had to go off all birth control. needless to say my acne went away completely for about 2 years and now its back in full force which i find odd so my derm put me on spiro 8 weeks ago. i dont want to scare you but for me my acne has only gotten worse. now i dont know if it would be worse anyway because i had a bad breakout before i started. so i am going on accutane as well as i will continue to take the spiro (while on accutane and afterwards to avoid relapse) to hit the acne on all levels. they do say it can take 3-6 months or longer to really start working and i have only been on 100mg for 3 weeks so maybe if i started out at 100mg i would have seen results faster. it's odd that i have like no oil now but keep getting big cystic pimples. a lot of people say this drug is a lifesaver though so give it a shot. if you do take it you might want to ask for antibiotics for a while to deal with any breakouts for the first few months. it will help a lot!

one more thing it will screw with your periods so i get mine like every 21-23 days but the good part is that i have no idea it is coming so no pms or cramps or anything so that part has been wonderful at least!! i used to get really tired and feel awful before my period and then it would last for a while but now its shorter and lighter. sorry tmi!

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