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Infected Acne Still Huge Red, Black, Hard, Swollen

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So about 1.5 weeks ago I popped a white head that was on my cheek and since then after that it has been red, painful and hard. I had not been doing anything besides washing it with my Clarisonic but yesterday I decided to put hot cotton ball to the area in hopes of decresing the swelling and getting out what was inside of this huge red swollen bump while I believe is infected. After 1 day of putting the hot cotton ball on the site my swollen bump has increased in size and it is now more red everywhere around the area! I put alcohol on the area and then put the hot cotton ball on it and it has still not gone away! It is still huge and red and swollen and still has a hard bump, but the hardness has gone down a LITTLE, and now it is BLACK too!

I have attached a picture of the site

I put aloe vera or neosporin on the area twice and it has not seemed to help! I have also been washing the area but it has not helped.

Please let me know what to do....it is a HUGE red,black, swollen bump and I am scared it is going to look like that for a long time....



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It looks infected so leave it alone or else you run the risk of it scarring you. I have something similar looking on my cheek, heading into my second week with it and i just wash and moisturize. It sucks but having the mark may be worse

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