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Hi ive been on the regimen for about a month and the results are quite good. i only have about 2 or 3 active pimples right now which is pretty extraordinary.. Before i started the regimen i was experimenting with salycic acid peels.. I was using 20% then i moved my way up to 30%.. i was quite impressed with the way it faded away my old acne marks.. My question is can i start using this peel maybe about once a week to start to clear some old marks? if so then would i still have to apply bp twice that day or would that be too much irritation for my skin? thanks for any replies in advance wink.png

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Hey there... I would strongly encourage you NOT to perform any other treatments like a SA peel outside of DKR for at least the first 6 months. BP is a harsh chemical and can adversely interact with SA, causing severe irritation/damage to the skin... Just allow DKR to work its magic and worry about discoloration later. If you would like to fade dark marks from old breakouts, I'd suggest incorporating AHA with DKR about 6 to 8 weeks into using DKR. AHA is a phenomenal exfoliator that works well with DKR, therefore improving DKR results. Start off really slowly by mixing AHA into the regular amount of moisturizer you use every 3 days until your skin adjust. Then you can increase the amount and frequency in which you use AHA. Most users, like myself, use it everyday with excellent results. With continued use of AHA, along with DKR, there will probably be no need for SA peels. Please please please follow Dan's instructions and don't deviate at all. It will only be counterproductive, thus negating any positive results you will eventually experience. Good luck and keep us up to date on your progress... :)

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