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Tan & Spot Treat & Cysts + Scars

Hello all,

The regimen has worked fairly well so far for me. I am on week 6 now and is in much better shape than week 1.

However, one thing I've noticed is that I've gotten tanner. Although I am outside minimally and don't get much sun at all, I've just become more tan. (and people around me tell me the same).

I personally like a light complexion and would like to ask you guys if you do anything to prevent getting tanned while on the regimen. I've been afraid to use a sunblock in fear of breakouts.


Do any of you feel that your cysts do not die as fast prior to the regimen or scars/brown marks do not heal as fast either?

I am experiencing both. For example, typically, my brown marks after cysts usually went away within 2-3 weeks or so. However, ever since I've gone on the regimen, one brown mark on my right cheek (which was from 1st week on the regimen) has not healed AT ALL.

Furthermore, cysts are not dying as fast as they used to. Cysts for me typically went away within 4-6 days. However, while on the regimen, they sit there for 2-3 weeks, slowly decreasing in size.

Anyone experiencing this?


What are some good spot treatment options? Do we put on AHA after we finish the regimen or before we start the regimen? Dan's instructional video is not very clear on this.

Lots of questions...thanks guys.

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