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Two Months After Removing Mirena And Switching To Nuvaring...

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After five years of use, I was advised by my derm to remove Mirena. I had achieved clear skin in the past, but a year or two after having it inserted, my skin began to seriously flare up. The day I had it removed, I was given a NuvaRing sample.

Two months later, I can say my skin has calmed down, but I'm nowhere near where I was before. So my questions for the ladies are:

How long after removing Mirena did you see an improvement in your acne?

After Mirena, what did you switch to?

My topical regimen since Jan 01, 2013:


Acne Free Benzoyl Peroxide Wash


CeraVe lotion


Clean and Clear Foaming Wash



CeraVe lotion

Any advice or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated rolleyes.gif

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NuvaRing contains etonorgesterol which is a mid-high androgenic progestin. It can make acne worse, or at best keep you from becoming 100% clear. Currently there is not an implant-type birth control or shot birth control that helps acne.

The copper Paraguard IUD does not use hormones and is acne neutral. All the others have the potential to make acne worse.

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Thank you for your input.

Right now I am studying abroad in Spain so changing my birth control again is not an option, though I agree my skin is improving. I am willing to give it more time because it appears to work for some in terms of maintaining acne. If i find it is simply not for me, it'll be worth a discussion with my gynecologist and dermatologist.

But, hey, it's not Mirena!

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