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Oiliness Improves With Depression?

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Hi, I suppose this isn't so much about the psychological effects of acne but if it can be a cause too... I have bipolar disorder so I go up and down... I noticed that my oiliness had improved recently (though my acne got worse) but now it is worse again. Nothing changed in my treatments or diet, the only correlation I could find was that I have been depressed recently and now I am getting better the oiliness is getting worse. Over the summer I was a bit high and oil was just pouring out of me! So I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced oiliness being related to mood? I guess maybe it is different if your depression is caused by your acne, I think my mood changes are quite 'endogenous' because I have this disorder. Anyway, I'd be very interested to hear any thoughts!

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It doesn't really make sense for it to be the weather as it was really bad both in the summer when it was hot and now again when it's very cold (snowing!) but was better in the autumn. Though I guess maybe it could be affected by extremes of weather whatever those extremes are? But I live in the UK it's always pretty temperate really. I'm careful to eat a healthy balanced diet without excluding anything and it never changes much so I don't think it can be that. In the summer I was eating a bit too little and exercising a bit too much but I'd have thought that would make me less oily if anything and it was pouring out of me so fast! Thanks for the suggestions though.

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