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So I'm looking into using makeup to help even out my acne scars which are still very visible (pics below). Problem is, I don;t have a clue about makeup being a man and only really know of concealer (which I sometimes use) and foundation. I don't have a clue how to put it all on, and what's the powder about?

With regards to foundation (which I know a little about) I am just looking for something that isn't too heavy and doesn't block pores as much while still covering up scars, although I'm not after completely porcelain skin. So which would you recommend?

Also, how would I go about filling some of the scars left in my skin? Light can sometimes reflect off them badly, which I'm guessing would continue with makeup :')

TL,DR: I'm a guy and just want help with makeup to hide acne scars



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Personally, I don't really think you need makeup. Your skin looks good to me :) Yes, there's scars, but I see that on so many guys.

But if you do want to wear makeup...

Primer: A silicone-based primer could be useful to help 'fill in' your scars underneath the makeup. Primer is essentially used as a 'canvas' for the rest of the makeup, making it last longer.

Concealer: Concealer is usually put on before foundation, and covers smaller spots of pigmentation the best. You can use it on PIH and scars, active blemishes, etc. I recommend Makeup For Ever Full Cover

Foundation: Foundation is usually for evening out your overall skin tone. You don't want to pack on the foundation really thick, so use concealer to hide your spots/scars and foundation to even everything out, make it look more natural. If you want to use powder foundation, buy a big, wide kabuki brush and just dust it onto your face in a circular motion. I use MAC Studio Fix, but a lot of people complain about that clogging their pores, so you could try something more natural like Bare Minerals.

Less is often more, and blending is extremely important. Blend the concealer as much as you can and only dust the foundation on. Otherwise people will clearly be able to tell you're wearing makeup. Youtube tutorials on this will probably also help you.

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try watching that video posted by jennriver. she posted it yesterday. basically it tells you how to even out your skin tone without the use of foundation. all you need is a dot ( or two) of your concealer ( should match your skin tone) and about 4-5x as much of moisturizer ( so 1 dot concealer + 4 to 5 dots moisturizer) blend that and you've pretty much made your own tinted moisturizer. it is explained more thouroughly in the video. im actually gonna try it tomorrow smile.png


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Tarts makes a perfect primer. It's kinda pricey so I would get a sample of it. It has no parabens or mineral oil and a lot of other things that can irritate the skin. It's called tart clean slate poreless 12 hr perfecting primer. I use it and I'm in love and I use it on others for when they need something that won't make the make up slide off the skin and it fills in every line, wrinkle, pore, everything ! It will fill it in. Now I like to use hard candy glamoflauge concealer in light and light medium with my favorite moisturizer since the concealer is very heavy duty. It will cover everything. Even tattoos. I have tried before. I'm a freelance make up artist and this concealer is super cheap and very very good for covering everything. And when putting in a concealer you want to make sure the concealer is the color of your skin and if not then you put a light shade on and blend outwards and then put a dark shade underneath and blend down and it will give the illusion of perfect smooth skin.

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To try and fill in those pitted scars, you need a primer that is silicone-based. Be careful though, because silicone has been known to cause breakouts in certain people. You can try a water-based primer (like Korres), but it just doesnt work as well at filling in the dents and making your skin texture feel smooth. Next you need some foundation/coverage. I would recommend a bb cream over a liquid/cream foundation since it feels less heavy and is better for your skin. I havent tried any American brand bb creams, but I swear by my Korean brand one (Dr G, you can buy it on amazon). It gives you the coverage you want, but doesnt feel heavy. I apply concealer AFTER my foundation (because rubbing my foundation over my concealer would just smudge and erase the concealer beneath). From the picture you posted, it seems like you need more all-over coverage rather than just spot-coverage, so the bb cream may be all you need! I just dab bb cream heavier on the portions that need more concealing.

The thing about makeup is that frankly, it doesnt do a great job at covering pitted/indented/raised acne scars. Silicone in primers will help, but it wont fill in everything. Makeup is great at covering hyperpigmented scars, but in the wrong lighting my raised/inflamed scars are still bumpy.

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