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Cleared My Skin Through Supplements Please Read It May Help

my skin is dry and not oily but I have consistent acne usually 1 cyst through out the month at some point and various other little blemishes. I've had acne since I was 14 and I am now 21 while it is mild... it is still consistent so here's my regime

-no dairy ( I cheat and get a little pimple around my mouth or sometimes cyst on my cheek)

-I use SLS free vegan vegetable based cleansers for all my hair, skin ect,

-I wash my face only at night and sometimes I only use water

-Aloe Vera and Tamanu oil seem to have really helped topically everynight

-Fluoride free tooth paste- Toms


-450-600 mg magnesium citrate taken before bed

-1000 mcg Chromium picolinate taken before bed ( i have blood sugar problems as well so it helps regulate my blood sugar)

-50-100 mg zinc before bed

-200 mcg selenium before bed

-1000mg/ 1g of tumeric before bed


-eat little things through out the day






-whatever I can find to make( I'm a student so I sometimes have to get creative)

I weigh 115 pounds and some of you may say "you're overdosing" on the vitamins but a lot of the time you have to factor in the amount your body needs and the factors on how much the vitamin is absorbed and I've had no adverse reactions. This is just my experience I don't eat a lot of food I am not crazy about it so mostly I just eat to survive.

right now my skin is 100% clear... I even ate pizza, smoked ciggarettes, weed, drank alcohol and did mdma and opiate painkillers and my skin is still clear ....and usually when I do even one of those things my skin goes CRAZY..I'm not going to do all those things again it was just new years and I got a little excited. I've always taken the Chromium, zinc and magnesium I just added in tumeric and selenium and my skin cleared up completely.

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If you are eating to survive you should concentrate on the most nutrient dense foods and not fill up on empty calories like bread. And 50 mg of zinc is a high dose. 100 is too high and should only be taken at such a high dose very temporarily.

Also, your body only takes in so much of many minerals at a time, so it's better to take smaller doses throughout the day. You'd have to look into which minerals.

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lol at the honesty on the drug use. What did you go to a rave? But ya all sounds good except sounds like you barely eat, its a good thing your a girl and ok to be 115lbs lol.

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OMG, bread/wheat, but according to this forum wheat causes acne as if it applies to everyone.

Careful with the zinc though.

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