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Hi All!

I'm new to this forum, but I decided I HAVE to share my struggle with acne and how, for the first time in years, it's finally under control! I've had acne ever since I can remember, probably starting in middle school like most. However, my senior year of high school it got so bad that after seeing two dermatologists I was put on Accutane. I had a few scares, and even had to go to a neurologist, but at the end of the cycle my skin was clear. That lasted only a couple years because I went back for my second round of Accutane in college. Again, I finished the cycle, and my skin looked great! Fast-forward to about 6 months ago, and my acne was flaring up all over again. I have tried every OTC acne regimen/cleanser/spot treatment available over the past few years, but nothing worked. So back to the dermatologist. Because I knew the drill, she said I could decide what would be best - either try a topical treatment and antibiotic or go straight to Accutane again. I opted for the topical creams one last time, but with no luck. And that's when I stumbled across The Regimen. I thought, what could it hurt? Worst case scenario I would just endure my acne for another 2 months.

The Regimen REALLY dried out my skin, like most people have commented. After 3 weeks, my face was incredibly flaky and painfully red. I dreaded washing my face because it hurt so much. I wasn't blistering so I didn't think I was allergic to the benzoyl peroxide, but after a month I stopped the treatment. I'm a performer, and my skin was so dry some days I couldn't even open my mouth wide enough to sing, let alone put makeup on for a show! But after just a week off The Regimen, my acne was back in full force. This told me that the benzoyl peroxide was a good solution, but I needed to figure out a different dosage.

So here it is... my current personalized regimen.

Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleanser in the morning, followed by Acne.org Moisturizer; Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash at night, with Acne.Org BP Treatment and Moisturizer.

The combination of salicylic acid (only 0.5% in the Aveeno cleanser) and benzoyl peroxide has done wonders for my skin! The SA is gentle and works as a sort of peeling agent, while the BP kills bacteria. Even though I worked up to a full fingers-worth of BP treatment, I've cut back to just a third of my index finger. It's enough to cover my whole face, but only in a thin layer so it doesn't cause extra sensitivity. It seems like so many posts about The Regimen talk about how awful your skin is for the first few MONTHS of treatment! I have incredibly sensitive skin, and I just couldn't take the pain anymore. And with all the scarring I have, as well as my profession, I need to be able to wear makeup (at the very least when I'm performing).

I guess I just wanted to post this for those of you who have maybe given up on the Regimen or are struggling with the side effects. I felt so defeated and guilty when I stopped using The Regimen, but there's still hope! If anything, it probably helped that I built up a slight endurance to the BP so that I'm not nearly as sensitive to it now. Of course everyone's skin is different, but this particular combination worked for me, and it might work for someone else too.

Best of luck to everyone!

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