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Acne Comes Back Worse After You Stop Taking Antibiotics?

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Way back when in july of 2011 when my acne first started causing problems for me I tried Tetralysal 300 (lymecycline) and it cleared my acne up 100% in a month and my skin was pretty much flawless again. I was so happy but from what i remember i wasnt really using anything topical on my skin and my acne came back worse than it was before, when i stopped taking the pills.

I've read of this happening to other people after they stop taking antibiotics on these forums - share your experiences if this has or hasnt happened to you, and what you were using or werent using when you stopped taking them.

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i was on doxy and each time i stopped it my acne came back. i was on 50mg of doxy and it was working well for a while then they upped me to 200mg when i had dermatitis but i started to get alot of cystic acne so my derm switched me to zithromax then erthromycin and none of them worked for me so i just stopped taking them last thursday. my stomach was always upset and i figured why even keep taking them anymore they are probably doing more damage anyway. i am on 50mg of spiro and will probably up it to 100mg this week after i go back to the derm. i did notice the last time i got off antibiotics i did break out but it wasnt too bad because i slowly weaned myself off of them. i think a good probiotic helps as well.

back in the day when i took minocycline i never had any problems with the acne coming back right away. it would usually take a year or two.

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