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Read This! Do Acne Products Just Cause More Acne, Is This All Just Another Way To Steal Our Money?

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Hello, fellow Acne.org users. I'm writing on behalf of all the people out there suffering from acne; oily skin, pimples, dry skin, itchiness, redness, any of that stuff. I've had mild acne throughout my teen years and have usually tried to treat it by doing what people told me to do. So I'd wash my face with antibacterial soap, then moved on to facial cleaners and such. At first, everything was not so bad, but as time went on and i kept using acne products like benzoyl peroxide creams/sacillic acid, I feel that all the time spent worrying about my acne, stressing about it, and all that, just made things so much worse. Since high school, I've had combination skin. oily on nose/forehead and dry on cheeks, chin. I swear, when I used acne products it made everything so much worse. The years went on, and now I'm 19. I still have acne but now it is very mild. I stopped caring much for acne products not long ago, for a little while, as only a few days ago I broke out and stole some burts bees products from my local cvs. I feel as if acne products just make your skin worse. Facial moisturizers, cleansers, toners, BULLSHIT. It's all probably made to mess with your skin and keep you buying more and more. Maybe some of them help out, but I doubt it. Skin is supposed to be self healing. I think there's a lot of psychology in acne, and it really stresses us out thinking about the bumps on our face. I know I hate looking in the mirror and seeing my irritated skin.. Anyway.. This has gone a bit far, but here is probably the most important message from this entire thread/post.

When I stopped worrying about acne, and when I stopped using products, my acne cleared up.How did this happen, you ask? Well, although I don't anymore, a few months ago, I began smoking pot, and I really stopped using facial cleansers/moisturizers, I can't really say why.. But anyways, I swear to you all, my face became clear. It wasn't necessarily because I smoked pot though. It was cause I stopped worrying about the acne. And now I will try to stop worrying once again, I'll only use a bit of olive oil to moisturize IF necessary, maybe some olive oil and sugar to scrub my face a few times a month. And I am determined to see the results.When I ask people with healthy, dewy looking skin, "Hey, what do you use"? They say, "I don't use anything.." Isn't that strange?!!! And I'm talking about teenagers to adults to elderly... So, before you put on your treatment tonight or follow your little religious routine, ask yourself, what if I stopped using all this shit and just waited a bit til these few pimples go away? If anything, use some damn olive oil to moisturize... I dunno..

TLDR? I'm starting to wonder if all these acne products are a load of bullshit. I stopped using them a while back and my skin became beautifully healthy.

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