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10 Mg Of Accutane?

My dermatologist put me on 10 mg Accutane. I personally think that's too low of a dosage. I've tried three other oral medications with barely any results. And tons of topical lotions and Gels. He says after month they will check how I'm doing and if needed he will put me on a higher dosage. I'm afraid of the low dosage that I won't be getting any results and I'll be wasting more time. Has anyone else been on such a low dose and gotten good results?

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Mate I'd say your dose will be increased. There was one girl, on this site, who did 20mg/day, I think she weighed about 45kg, and she had success with Accutane. If you weigh around the same as her, then I imagine your dose should be similar.

The first period is usually a lower dose, just to minimise either a potential allergic reaction (rare) or initial breakout. So hopefully that's what your dermatologist is doing. Your dermatologist could also want to check how your body reacts to the medication, before suggesting a higher dose.

Finally if your dermatologist doesn't increase your dose, at your next appointment, just ask. There's no problem in asking a polite question, at least your showing an interest in understanding your treatment, and the direction it's going, (rather than asking absolutely no questions).

Good luck with your treatment

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