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I Cleared My Severe Back Acne With.. Soap?

Without writing an essay about my entire life I basically get severe back acne, moderate face acne and mild chest acne.

Ive always noticed my back acne was very 'on/off', it would often seem to clear up by itself but then come back. This puzzled me as i never used products on my back because i was so focused on clearing up my face.

The only thing that ever went on my back was the soap i used in the shower that my parents would buy - but they changed it every time, so to cut this short i narrowed it down to Wrights coal tar soap. I've been using this less than a week and my back is now clear of active acne (just horrible hyperpigmentation where my clothing/rolling around in bed used to pop the pimples).

I've also been using lush tea tree water for about a week because its just easy to spray it on my back although ive never used this when my back cleared up in the past so i wouldnt say this cleared it up, however its not doing any harm.

So i'm going to try this on my face, for a week. using only the soap and the tea tree water. My face is very red and dry right now because of BP, so not using moisturizer will be hard. I know some of you will disagree with not moisturizing but i dont moisturize my back and its clear.

For details sake I only use my hands to rub the soap in for about 10 seconds. The toner i just spray on and let it air dry.

Ill be updating this log probably every day or whenever i have anything to write. I've took a before photo but im not posting that until i see any results. Wish me luck :-)

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One other this is until today ive been on differin 1%, i read on the forums that peoples skin seems to improve when they first stop using this but i dont really know what will happen to my skin. One thing i can tell you is that in the 3 months ive been using it my skin hasnt really improved ~that~ much so its not something i was going to continue with anyway.

Something really interesting ive just discovered

"As European Union directives on cosmetics have banned the use of coal-tar in non-prescription products, the coal tar derivatives have been removed from the formula, replacing them with tea tree oil as main anti-bacterial ingredient. Despite this major variance from the original recipe, the new soap has been made to approximate the look and smell of the original product."

ingredients: Sodium Tallowate , Sodium Cocoate , Aqua , Sodium Palm Kernelate , Cocamide DEA , Parfum , Sodium Chloride , Glycerin , Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil , Tetrasodium EDTA , Eugenol , d-Limonene , Etidronic Acid , Amyl Cinnamal , Cinnamal , Coumarin , CI 11680 , CI 15510 .

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so the wrights coal tar soap cleared you of ur acne? Maybe it was folliculutis or dermatitis?

I have really bad acne too on my back shoulders etc

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mayday mayday abandon ship sad.png my face does not appreciate this regimen, days after i started getting uninflamed bumps and had to resort to BP, could be to do with coming off differin but i could see a horrible breakout on the horizon and couldnt just watch it happen.

@whoartthou1 it was definately severe cystic acne that i had on my back which is now 98% clear using only the soap.

My plan of action now is to ask for Duac at the doctors, being in the UK the lowest percentage of BP you get get OTC is 10% and the formulation is a cream which i dont like (quinoderm). I was clear using Panoxyl which was a BP gel so duac is the next best thing i can find in the UK.

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