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Please Read This Before Quitting The Regimen

Hello all,

Perhaps this has been mentioned before, but I just really wanted to give a warning to those of you who have been on the Regimen (or have been using BP) for an extended time period and who have decided to quit it: Please Please Please don't quit cold turkey!!! Don't just stop using it from one day to the next because you will run the risk of experiencing a more severe breakout. Instead, slowly wean yourself off of it. For example, you can start by using it once a day for a week or so, then use it every other day for another week, then every three days etc... Also, don't quit the regimen one day and immediately start using new products the next. Give your skin time to adjust itself. Your skin may or may not break out, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

All this may seem like common sense,but I was clueless and I paid dearly for it. I was on the Regimen for almost three years and it worked wonders at first, but towards the end the the third year, I started breaking out again and my skin just couldn't handle it anymore; it was extremely dry, scaly, and dull, and I started to notice dark shadowy patches on my face (particularly around my chin area). I quit the Regimen cold turkey and soon afterwards I experienced the absolute Worst breakout of my life at age 29!! It was a nightmare. I eventually got it under control using holistic methods (took me almost a year). But I have been left with terrible scars (physical and emotional).

Anyways, I hope this is beneficial to you all.

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