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I'm going to start writing how I feel about my acne, the products I use, what works and what doesn't, and anything else acne related. Feel free to post your thoughts on your own acne, or give me suggestions on how I can treat mine.

Background info: I am fourteen years old and have been battling acne for what seems like forever (but really at the MOST probably 2 years). I pick my acne to the point that they've become hyperpigmentation scars. I avg about 7 hours of sleep a day. I usually eat somewhat healthily, but I tend to overeat junk food for periods of time on holiday breaks and weekends.. like now. It's in my stupid genes to get stupid acne. It's probably the most frustrating thing I've had to deal with. I wouldn't say my acne is too bad, but it's definitely not a pretty sight. I usually have at least 3-5 pimples on my face at one time. Most of the time, the pimples are disgusting and big. My biggest problem would probably be my scars! I pick sooooo much.

All I want is clear skin! Is that too much to ask for?! So on to the journal part. Today I asked my dad to buy me the Purpose Gentle Wash because I decided to go gentle on my skin recently. Unfortunately, he came back with Oxy Maximum Strength Face Wash & Spot Treatment, but I checked the reviews and they seem pretty good! I washed my face with the wash, applied Cetaphil moisturizer, and then finihed with the spot treatment. I know one of my biggest problems is being consistent with the products I use, so I'm going to try to actually stick to this one! Also! Tomorrow--well today since it's already 2 am-- I'm going to an amusement park with some of my family, and I have to wake up at 5! Hopefully this lack of sleep won't ruin my face too much.. I really need to get back to a good sleep schedule! Well, I hope all turns out well. I really just want beautiful skin. Good night.

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Day 2!!! When I woke up today after 2 hours of sleep, my face looked better! I don't know if it was the Cetaphil moisturizer--it was my 1st time using it-- or my new Oxy face wash. I did the same routine except swapped the Cetaphil for Clean & Clear's Dual Action Moisturizer with salicylic acid. I read an article that said using both salicylic acid and BP helped clear this guy's acne because salicylic rids the dead skin and BP kills the bacteria & together it works really well, so hopefully this helps my acne since the Oxy spot treatment has 10% BP.

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Day 3... Tonight sucked. I've seen improvement and have been doing well with my face so far... until 20 minutes ago. I was pissed off and sad with my family today, so the idiot that I am lost patience and took it out on my face. I peeled a heeling pimple that looked flat and got puss to sqeeze out of it. It is now red and raised. I also popped about three other pimples. This is getting really annoying and to add to the frustration, I also look fat as hell. I've been overeating this break due to the abundance of junk food and lack of self-control. Fuck this. I can't do this to my body anymore. I need to be healthy. I need to treat my skin well. I can't be overeating like this anymore-- and similarly, I cannot force puss out of my acne. I need to realize that acne is just apart of this particular stage in life. Let acne run it's course. Do not aggravate it. Most importantly, do not let it ruin your life by leaving scars. Have self-control. Do not pick.


Hahaha I just realized how dramatic and stupid I sound, but whatever! Also!!! I think my face looked good yesterday after 2 hours of sleep bc of the Cetaphil moisturizer because this morning when using Clean & Clear dual action my face did not look as nice as it did before.

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Keep up with the with the Oxy and Cetaphil, both products seem to have pretty good reviews. I've used both, and I'm rather fond of the Oxy Cleansing Pads for stubborn pimples, even though it was very harsh for my skin.

I know it's hard to not pick (I do it all the time and trust me, the scars are not worth it!) but try and consciously think about your face all day. Not to the point where it becomes obsessive, but to where you realize if you're touching your face, someone else is touching your face, etc. If you do pop a pimple, disinfect it right away and then leave it alone. No use causing damage to a problem already.

A good way to stop picking is to occupy your hands. I tend to begin writing when I want to pick. It seems to calm down the anxiety I feel and it's a great way to release any anger I feel towards my skin or anything else, too!

I might add that drinking water is fantastic for, well, everything. I, myself, drink 12 cups of water daily, but that's just me going overboard. Try and drink at least 8 cups a day, if you can. It'll help flush out toxins and may just keep your skin clear.

I also drink a large amount of tea a day. Green tea is especially good for the skin because of the antioxidants it has. Ginger tea - which I picked up the other day and love - is also great! If you have a tea strainer, maybe go to a nearby tea shop and pick up some rooibos tea. Any flavor works perfectly, and I've heard it has more antioxidants than green tea!

All in all, just keep your head held high. Sure, you may have acne, but couldn't it be worse? If you just be kind and gentle to your skin, it'll pay you back. Your hormones are probably just changing, which is quite normal for your age. I'm 16, and I still have moderate acne even though I try my best to do everything possible for my skin. Hang in there, you're clearly not alone! :P

Remember to try and wash twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night, it helps clean oils off your face that can gather in the day and when you sleep. Also, even though you may think your skin is crazy oily, always apply moisturizer, which it sounds like you're doing, so good for you!

Good luck on your clean skin journey! teehee.gif

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