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I'm a 16 year old male with very severe bane. It's been slightly going away lately due to some medication that's actually working but even so there's still bacne and scars EVERYWHERE. I can't explain how bad my back is. It's keeping me from having a relationship because I know if I'm going to have sex or even go to the pool with my girlfriend, no shirt. What the hell can I do, I'm so desperate for a cure. My self esteem is rock bottom...

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first stop stressin over it stress never helps acne second try some over the counter things like oxy 10 or the pads clearsil foamin soap always a good one

when acne comes to you it showing you. your agein. nobody stays young it comes with the turf i know if your all broke out buyin that stuff can be embarrsin but would you rather be embarssed few min by the clerk then have to suffer your mental problems over it cause you will. but learnin alot things the scars that get left behind tend to look worse to you then other people i can understand try to better yourself everyone would. think about women who have babies they are really scared up then overweight people just part of the game life nobody ever said it was fair i wouldnt stress myself lots famous people had acne problems maybe its just your surrounded by jerks with low self esteem like your gettin from acne its like other diease we got them were people

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