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Going To Start Solodyn On 01/02/2013

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Well I'm going to give this pill called Solodyn a try after i got a prescription from my dermatologist this past March. At first i was alright and then i took a indept look at what the side effects were and to be honest I hate taking pills that have stupid side effects. So anyways I decided that It was time for me to take them since I am on my winter break until Janurary 14th and basicaly it would give me enough time to see what kind of side effects i would get or maybe hopefully none.

I've had acne between age 13-14. Ever since my acne started getting worse so did my skin with the left over scars from the acne. By looking at my skin really close i would say i have ice pick type acne scars and my scars are the only things that make me uncomfortable when taking pictures, talking to people face to face, and just being around people who have that perfect skin. My acne as of right now isn't as bad as it was when i was younger "I'm 20 years", and in order for me to actually do something about my scars, I need to first defeat the acne that causes them so then I can defeat the scars themselves by getting any type of treatment to make my skin clear from scars.

Anyways I will update this thread to weekly and most likely will post pictures.

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Day 1 "01/02/2013" I took 80MG Solodyn with a full glass of water and had no side effects for 9 hours. I do however have pain from my right wisdom tooth/gums but that doesn't have anything to do with this.

what i ate for today consists of a banana, buffalo wings from BWW, and soda for dinner.

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