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Initial Breakout Questions. Help Help Help.

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New member here. 21, male, uk

I used to use the DKR for a number of years with great success. I stopped at the start of the year for fear of over-ageing my skin. I had clear skin for a few months but then acne came back. After trying every normal minor acne treatment my acne got worse and worse so i decided to go back on the DKR after 6 months of being off it.

Week 1 was fine, seeing improvements.

Week 2 was horrendous, red flaky skin with a big breakout.

Week 3 was improving

Week 4 Just had another big big breakout of cysts all over my forehead.

My question is should i expect a number of breakouts? and how long will it last until they stop?

Before going back on the DKR my acne was bad but only irritating, more medium sized pus filled spots in areas of my face. Now its big sore red spots which are under the top skin and all over my forehead. I dont want to leave the house and dread work. It's like the BP has turned all of my acne Cystic.

I expected an initial "purge" but not for months and months

Should i press on with the regimen? or go back to neat Tea Tree Oil?

Please help me i could really use the advice.

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Hi! I'm in the same boat as you -- I was on the regimen before for about half a year and then started being lazy and doing the regimen half ass-ly which lead to my acne coming back. I started it again just a little over 6 weeks ago and my breakouts were pretty much happening randomly. I'm still getting breakouts but it's getting better-- they go away quicker. Just make sure you follow the regimen as outlined and don't touch your face! And I know it's tough going outside with acne -- I'm a 22 year old girl and I have quite a few of active acne and TONS of PIH all over my face but I still have to go to work and I don't wear makeup (because I want my acne to go away quicker). I just tell myself that it's just acne, it'll go away and it'll go away quicker if I leave it alone. Good luck! :)

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