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Please Help With My Symptoms Guys

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Any guess guys?


- Blurry vision at night ( along with headache, nauses )

- Left Chest pain

- Joint pain from both knees

- Acne on neck, jawline, and ears & oily face and ears & dry, and acne body & eczema & face redness & itchy skin

(never had acne since 2007, never had dryness and eczema)

- Hair loss (alopecia areata) & body (chest, arms, belly) and facial hair growth *noticiable

- Neck stiffness

- Rhinitis (dry nose & cold)

- Constipation

- Shorthen breath time to time

- Belly fat ( even tho i loss 17 lbs)

- Sweaty palms and feet

- Irregular blood pressure & elevated pulse from mid 60's to 80's

- Yellow sperm

- Enlarged veins, visible

- Decreased brain fucntion

- Bubbly & frequent urine


- Low in acetyl coenzyme A

- Hypothyroidism ; iodine level

- Hormonal imbalance; dht, cortisol

- Inflammation in organ

- Abnormal fucntioning organs

Crossed out

- Auto immune disease

- Rheumatoid arthritits

- Potassium deficiency

- Sexually transmitted disease

- Infection

- Candida

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