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Avoiding Breakfast

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Acne has been bothering me for 20 years.

I read that avoiding breakfast helps acne and decided to give that a try after trying just about everything. There were a couple of reviews of this idea on here, but not many people appeared to have tried it.

After a week of avoided eating until 12PM and after 8PM my acne has improved considerably and I don't suffer with hunger. I have also ate my usual foods including chocolate, biscuits and cakes.

This obviously won't help everyone, as some people don't eat breakfast already.

From experience of a few ski trips, I believe I can consume breakfast and remain acne free as long as I exercise shortly afterwards, so that might be an option for those wanting to eat breakfast.

Hope this helps someone.

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This intermittent fasting is really working. I am now totally clear of acne after only 7 days and I can easily cope with not eating until 12PM each day. I now just use a simple soap to wash with and no need for BP etc. I eat whatever I want between 12PM & 8PM.

If only I knew about this 20 years ago, as I think I could have retired by now on the amount of money I would have saved.

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You need to eat breakfast to convert t3 to t4. You haven't eaten for 8-9 hours because you were sleeping. It's very important.

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