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Very Strict Gluten-Free Vegan - Dying For Something Sweet ...

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Battled acne 8 years. 2 mo's ago figured out it was diet. I have been taking multi vitamins, then switched to different vitamins. Those RUINED my skin. I have been off them for 2 days, I think that is the culpret, either way i'm DONE with vitamins.

I just want to know if I could maybe get some reeses butter cups and have one per day?

Or something.......

I need my sugar, I am depressed because I look like a FREAK. I have no energy, i'm afraid to leave the house.

All I eat is water, salad + salsa, some cans goods. My face still looks like a nightmare.

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If you want something sweet but want to maintain your vegan/gluten-free diet, I have a recipe for you. :) I have seen links to outside websites deleted before by mods so I think it would be best if I told you how to get to the recipe instead of posting a link.

If you google search "raw vegan hazelnut chocolate cake" you should find a recipe on a website called "The Wannabe Chef." It is a very delicious raw/vegan/gluten-free chocolate "cake" (no flour or processed sugar, just fruits, nuts, maple syrup and cocoa powder).

I am not vegan or gluten-free but I tried the recipe once out of curiousity. It is very fudgey and delicious!

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Maybe some ingredient in the supplement you took caused you to have a negative reaction; I wouldn't cut off supplementation of essential nutrients your body needs.

You don't need your sugar - At least physiologically wise. Your brain is driving you for sugar, and that's completely normal because our bodies are use to being in the African Savannah where 1 gram of sugar was precious.

The secret to control sugar cravings is to hack into your brain wiring. When you crave sugar, get PROTEIN. The best way to make sure you're getting enough protein (.5 to 1 gram per lb of body weight [depends on how active you are]) is to take Whey Protein. Make a protein smoothie with a table spoon of coconut oil and flaxseed oil and wait a few minutes; your sugar cravings will disappear. By the looks of what you put, you aren't getting a good quality source of protein. I recommend you buy dry beans and prepare a whole batch that will last you 3-5 days. (canned food isn't good for you)

Also make sure you're getting enough of your EFA's. Get flaxseed oil capsules and take 3 with each meal. Also you can get some in liquid, which you can put in protein shakes.

Substitute with protein shakes instead of eating crappy, disease-promoting stuff (notice I don't even call it food) like reeces peanut butter cups.

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Can I ask though- why are you a vegan

Salad, salsa, and canned goods is a horrible diet...really. I'm not trying to criticize- but if you limited your diet like that for health reasons alone- you must have read some very misinformed literature. You need healthy fats, amino acids including b vitamins only found in animal protein, zinc, omega 3, etc. If you are doing it for moral reasons...can I ask you to ditch the canned food, start eating atleast fish- stop looking for sugar- eat more veggirs like peppers and broccoli, nuts and take some coconut oil on a daily basis???

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Thanks 2 everyone who took the time for me wub.png

I forgot to add, I do eat tons of fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet.

I'm vegetarian because I read hormones in meat cause acne.

I am going to buy some snack cakes with sugar. I'm not totally sure they were causing the acne in the first place. I'm going to limitly try them. If they break me out, i'll throw them in the trash.

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Try to go on a high fat and low carb diet. That also means fruits too.

Coconut, olive, butter and ghee are best oils. Although you are a vegan, I am sure you won't have any problem eating ghee or butter.

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"I'm vegetarian because I read hormones in meat cause acne."

You want grass-fed beef, pastured chickens, pastured eggs. These can be ordered online. If not, salmon - boiled is good, raw is better (imo).

grass fed/pastured >> corn feed waste.

I had the same excuse in the past to go vegan, but just watch Food Inc (it's free on Amazon I think) and you'll understand why you don't want to eat regular meat.

My opinion:

1) Stop eating fruit

2) Sugar cravings go away after a month. Toss the fruit and wait it out.

3) I second the coconut oil (get unprocessed)

4) Read the mega probiotic thread and follow that diet, it works.

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F93d gave you the best advice you could get. Often, we think we are doing something good for our skin but we are really hurting ourselves. In my honest opinion- numerous things that you are doing wrong. Please don't buy snack cakes or whatever made with processed high carb rice- a bunch of preservatives and poison sugar. Acne is a tough thing to fix nutritionally but if you aim to do so, you need to be strict.

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Don't buy processed sweets!! Those will make you break out! You said you want reese cups, I have a vegan/gluten-free recipe that tastes just like reese cups, but so much healthier and better.


1 cup whole walnuts, finely chopped or food processed (will end up being about 1/2 cup processed)

3-4 tablespoons pure maple syrup

pinch of salt (optional)

3 tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil

1/3 cup vegan chocolate chips

peanut, almond,or any nut butter


1. Chop or food process walnuts finely and place in a bowl. Add maple syrup (and salt, if you want). Combine

2. Melt chocolate chips with coconut oil in small bowl in the microwave for 30 second intervals. Stir, and repeat if necessary.

3. Add melted chocolate/oil mixture into the walnut mixture. Combine.

4. In a muffin pan, place cupcake liners and spray lightly with oil. The recipe makes about 7-8 large cups (much bigger than regular reese cups), but make whatever size you want.

5. Spoon chocolate/walnut mixture into cupcake liners.

6. Add 1/2-1 teaspoon nut butter, and cover with chocolate mixture.

7. When finished, place in the freezer for around 20 minutes, then transfer to smaller container and place back in the freezer. Eat them whenever you want. Keep the rest in the freezer.

There you go! They're absolutely delicious and perfect for fulfilling that sweet tooth/urge.

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I seriously don't think you want to eat a peanut butter cup. I ate one of those a few years ago after being candy-free for another few years before that. I thought it would be a nice treat, and after that long with being free of those sort of toxins, it tasted like CHEMICALS. It was so disgusting that I threw it up after eating it.

Store-bought candies are nothing but chemicals. If you want something sweet, whip it up yourself using only simply ingredients like raw honey, raw chocolate and natural peanut butter.

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Everyone is so nice here.

I didn't read your posts until it was too late.

I bought Reeses cups.

I ate only 1, I got 10 new small tiny white heads all over my face.

I should have listened. But I feel more energetic.

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