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Dumb Question Re: Regimen

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Hi, I'm new here and I swear I looked through the topics and FAQ's before posting this. I Just have one dumb little question, I mean it seems obvious but. I have been doing the Regimen for one week, I love it, really seeing results. Probably just because I'm not picking but STILL. So am I understanding correctly that after you washing your face for like two seconds (right???), you don't wash it off? I hvaen't been as that is not in the rules. Can someone please confirm? After I've been skating, i sweat so much and it feels weird that I'm barely washing my face. So I am just washing briefly and then patting my face dry from the face wash. Sorry if this has been asked tons of times, I couldn't find info on this anywhere.

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No question is a dumb question, but its great that you checked the forums before asking. As the above poster has said, you most definate DO wash off the cleanser before applying BP. I've included a link below that details the instructions for following the regimen. Good luck! :)


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Thanks so much for the replies! AyeAye, thanks for sending the link - I only have the thing I printed out in the bathroom so I hadn't read through that in a bit. Well I don't think my lack of washing off the cleanser has hurt but I will definitely begin!

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