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Breakout/worsening Of Acne After Starting New Treatment?

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I recently visited a dermatologist who prescribed/recommended the Obagi Clenziderm M.D. Normal to Dry skin system to me. I've been using it for about a week now, & I can't help but feel that my face is actually worse than it was before. I have moderate acne, including scars and blackheads. The treatment seems to have caused me to break out - at first it was tiny bumps under my skin, mostly around the forehead. They seem to have faded, but now I've got quite a few inflamed, sore pimples around my face. The skin seems oilier as well.

I have read that some acne treatments do appear to make the condition worse before it improves, like it's purging your skin... but if someone could explain this in more depth that'd be great (if you think that's what's happening at least).

The main acne treatment is the Therapuetic Lotion, containing 5% Benzyl Peroxide.


How long till this stage is over, & my skin actually starts to improve? I understand it takes time of course, but I mean how long till the worst is over? I'm just finding it a bit discouraging, I was hoping this may finally be the best treatment to clear up my acne, & instead it's now harder to look in the mirror.

Any answers, help or advice is greatly appreciated - thank you.

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I'm not sure about the treatment itself, but I can reassure you that an Initial Breakout (IB) is pretty common. I had it when starting Pro-Activ, pretty badly. I've since moved onto Dan's regimen, which also had a bit of an IB. It did clear up. A couple of weeks is about what most people give. If it gets painful, however, discontinue and move on.

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