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Buying Dans Products Off Ebay

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Ive been eyeing up this seller on ebay..


for sometime, he has good feedback and has sold allot of acne.org products - my question is has anyone bought off him? Hes based in the Uk and imports it in but kinda concerned for obvious reasons - im not sure dan would actually allow someone to buy and sell it on. It works out cheaper and obviously i would have about a two day wait not two week....whaddia think?

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I've bought from this guy before and everything seems 100% fine so far. From this guy I've bought both AHA and BP and the products seem to be up to standard. Should be fine. :)

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I'm pretty sure Dan doesn't have a policy against buying from other sellers. Plus, if you can get it from Ebay in the UK, it might save you some hefty shipping charges. That's reasonable.

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Hi guys,

Been years since I've posted here!

I recently bought a big batch of Dan's products, but has found that my skin doesn't react to it in the same way it did years ago, although they have worked for me in the past, I still find that I prefer the Oxy 2.5% BP cream (although it's very hard to find) and Clean and Clear Blackhead scrub. Had to pay a small fortune in shipping and got hit with the 20% import tax by the post office for it too!

I have an unused 16oz bottle of Dan's BP, plus a small 8oz bottle of cleanser for sale if anyone is interested? I ordered them only a few weeks ago and still have the order confirmation etc to prove they're genuine...

I'm thinking £30 for the lot including P&P as long as it's somewhere in the UK!

Send me a PM if you are.



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Seems legit, if not your protected with Paypal.

Only thing I'd like to note. He is charging £26 for the 8oz BP. I buy the same product off AmazonUS for £18 including shipping. Only advantage of buying from the eBay seller is that you will most likely get the product quicker. So if that benefit is worth £8 then go ahead :)

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I bought some from him, the transaction was fine. It came through with fast delivery.

I have a bigger bottle coming from the US later this week so I compare the products.

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This ebay seller seems like a legitimate supplier as he has a 100% customer feedback. This score is very difficult to manipulate in ebay, so nearly 2000 happy customers is an excellent score. Furthermore he's been trading for over 6 years.

It seems like there are many people from the UK looking to buy the 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, you should consider a group buy to lower the shipping costs?

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Despite what he said in his listings, the smaller single items would not have to have VAT etc. added when ordering directly from USA. Also has anyone had to wait 6 weeks for delivery? My deliveries have never taken more that 12 days.

It was also discussed here:-

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As I am from Spain, if my Custom Duties retain the package it won't be allowed to arrive to me because the acne.org label is not accepted in Europe and this is the reason of the problems with Spain and Germany but in most of countries it doens't matter (they just keep packages over 22 €)

I didn't know about this seller, god! I wish I would know before!

I have been buying the smaller BP items, two per shipping. It that way my Custom Duties didn't keep them. But now, the smaller ones are not in the store. Do you know why?

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