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Week Four And Im Breaking Out Again !

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So im entering my fifth week of the Regimen (well im from the UK so use Cetaphil cleanser, Duac 5% & Ceptahil moisteriser), my acne calmed instantly and started to heal. I didnt go throught the 'break out' that is sometimes expected at the beginning.

Now to coinside with all this i visited a natural dermatologist, who told me my acne was coming from the inside and that i should cut out sugar, citrus fruits, yeast and peanuts and drink lots of soya milk to balance my hormones. This i did along side the regimen. Now the last two weeks ive fallen off the wagon and gone back to my old ways eating wise thinking the bp was doing its job (maybe a conbination of the two i dont know??) And now i have a terrible break out sad.png high up on my cheeks and along my jaw. I hate the cheek ones so much cause they take years to fade.

Im so upset, is the bp not working? Why after four weeks am i breaking out - or is this normal? Is it the diet thing?

Thanks in advance for any advice given x

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I have mild acne and oily skin which I have had for many years. I went to my GP a few months ago and he gave me Duac 5%. Although I resisted the idea of using chemicals for many years, I gave it a go for about 5-6 weeks and used it on my forehead which is the place where the spots usually turn up. I gotta say it kinda worked and hardly had any new spots while using it apart from one or two which might have even been caused by Purpose gentle cleanser that I was using at that time because it contains Sodium Laurth Sulfate. The only thing I hold against Duac is that it might be the reason why the hyper-pigmentation left behind spots that healed are more visible, but again that also depends on your skin colour and type.

BTW, Cetaphil has Soduim Laruyl Sulfate which is even more pore clogging than Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Now, depending on your skin and whether or not it's sensitive and gets clogged easily that might or might not be a problem.

I know how difficult it is to find a gentle cleanser that passes the test of not having any ingredient that listed on some websites as irritant or pore clogging and my mission has failed so far. I have checked the ingredients of almost every single cleanser in both Boots and SuperDrug stores and could not find one that passed the test so I gave up!

My advice is be gentle to your skin and also try to be more strict with the diet for a few weeks and see how things go. Lastly, I know it is not easy and my self was so stressed lately because of a couple of new spots, but try not to stress out because stress can only make the matter worse.

Good Luck!

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I never had good results with the Cetaphil moisturiser. I felt like it was breaking me out (though admittedly it's often difficult to tell what exactly it is that's causing a breakout). I know lots of others swear by it, however.

I think diet really can make a big difference. I try to avoid dairy and peanuts altogether. I've often become slack with my diet in the past but it's the only way that I can remain clear

For what it's worth, at the moment I'm using the Quinoderm cleanser, Dan's BP, and Boots Dermacare daily moisturising cream in my regimen. This has been working really well for me.

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