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There's Always Someone Worse Off Than You

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I had a bit of an emotional time watching this video. It's a bit disturbing, so you've been warned.

I thought I had things bad, and that people should not be looking at my face. I thought it was painful to wash my face and to pop a few cysts.

There are people out there that are truly ravaged by disease, and just want to look normal. It's so difficult to understand why these things happen to perfectly good people.

I used to have things to complain about, but my acne was never so bad that people would flat out refuse to be near me or speak to me.


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Yes, there is always someone who is worse off than you. But does that mean you should be 'grateful' that you don't have it as bad and just stop complaining? No. Others' pain has little to do with yours. We are all entitled to feel bad about ourselves without having to be guilted into thinking we're just moaning about nothing.

I'm sorry that I refuse to feel grateful about my skin when there are people out there who refuse to leave their homes because of their acne, or in this case, because this man is covered in tumors and I'm not. It's not that I don't feel for him, but his suffering does not make me feel better about mine. It's just another way of comparing ourselves to others and stating 'yeah, I have it better than you, thank fuck I don't have it as bad as you'. I think that this way of looking at things just doesn't make sense.

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^ uh, i think what armadillo means is its just human nature to focus on our own problems...

i agree that we probably shouldnt complain, but its not like we can help it all that much unless we actually see these people with horrible conditions in person. yknow like when youre complaining about something (not necessarily skin related) and you realize theres someone in the group who has a worse version of that problem and so you immediately shut up? i think its kind of like that, if anything i wrote just now makes any sense

so imo were all entitled to mope around feeling sorry for ourselves, but when it gets to the point where you dont leave your house, then thats kind of a problem lol and thats when thinking about these people can help you get back to reality

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