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Hello!:)) New Member Here And I Need Some Help On My Oily Skin

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My skin is always OILY as in every minute every hour! SEVERE as i can say. i have severe ACNE on my face, back and chest.. i think it's genetic coz all my siblings have it and my mom. I tried all the products that i thought will work, but nothing happened. Most of them just dry my skin and exfoliate. Sometimes it helps coz it dries the pimples too, but acne comes back again and again. I now have a lot of acne scars and i don't know what to do. please help! PLEASE

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Hi! I have just recently starting taking Cod Liver oil pils and my skin is much less oily, maybe it's the Vitamin A in there which is suppose to help reduce sebum production or the oil is balancing out my own skin's oils, not sure. Also I find that eating more leafy greens like spinach helps a lot. Reducing dairy, sugar, breads will greatly help. A zinc supplement might be a good choice too. Best of luck!

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I think maybe it'll be good if you can find a balance between trying to dry the zits out and keeping your skin adequately moisturized. Drink lots of water and make sure you clean your face thoroughly every time you wash it.

I feel you, I really do. Maybe you should consult a derm about your acne and see what he/she says. All the best!

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