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Acne.org's Regimen, Does It Really Work?

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I've looked at the regimen, and what it's all about. So I have a few questions. I have mild-moderate acne. It seems as if it could work, and it's possible. However, I've ALSO read that on here, this website that it hasn't worked for a lot of people and in fact that it's made it worse and there face feels raw and sore and yellow and what not.

I want to know:

1. Has it actually got rid of your acne, aka you have clear skin.

2. What do I need to know about it?

3. Any tips on Do's and dont's to do whilst on the regimen (like eg; don't touch face, don't eat this etc)

4. Should I do this regimen, be HONEST or is there something else I should try?

Give me everything I need to know.

Put it simple, I want no acne. Simple, I don't want to damage my body in anyway either.

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1. Yes it has cleared my acne MOSTLY, I'm breaking out now because I was running super low on bp for a few days so I'm suffering now lol

2. You should know that your skin will be stripped of all moisture, and it will be very flaky unless you're lucky

3. DON'T get lazy, you can't just do it every other day, it has to be done 2x per day no ifs ands or buts. DO be careful with BP it is a chemical and if not used properly can be useless or damaging to the skin. (I actually posted an article about Regimen Do's and Dont's if you want to check it out http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/319325-regimen-dos-donts/

4. Yes you should give it a try it's better than all those useless OTC acne treatments plus it makes sense, it's worth the money.

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It may not work for some people but it worked for me. But in order for it to work, you need to be mentally prepared for a month or so of pure awfulness (based on personal experience).

LIke the above poster said, you need to be dedicated to doing the regimen religiously with no excuses of 'too tired', 'no time' etc.in order for it to work. You need to follow Dan's instruction exactly with NO modifications, alterations or additions. Many people go wrong by adding additional products and steps such as masks, exfoliating etc but this just increases the chances of the regimen not working as well as it should.

In the first month my skin was itchy, red, dry, flaky and very sore. In addition to this the skin around my eyes and my eye lids were puffy and swollen and my eyes were red and itchy. I used to dread when it came time to reapply the BP etc because it would burn for a few hours and make my eyes watery and itchy, but each week it became easier as my skin cleared and became accustomed to BP.

Within 9 weeks I was pretty much clear, my skin was fully adjusted to the BP and was no longer red and dry. After I introduced AHA+ it took me to completely clear and glowing. After I was clear for a month or so I started to experiment with reducing the number of application of BP until I now only apply it at night and I still remain acne free.

So in short, yes it does work but it takes dedication to get through the early weeks and to be not tempted to alter the regimen in any way. But if you're determined and get through it you will be rewarded with clear skin in the end.

Good luck if you decide to give it a go. DKR has completely changed my life.

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1. yes. within the first week of starting the regimen i had significantly less active acne appearing each day. by the middle of my 2nd month on the regimen i was 98% clear.

2. you need to know that it works, but it is tough to stick with it. the side effects definitely take their toll for the first 6 months or so. dry, tight, flaky skin. redness and irritation is very possible, but wont last forever. it takes a long time. be ready to commit at least 30 min each morning and 30 min each night to the regimen. constantly oily looking skin is very possible depending on your skin type and what moisturizer you use. there really are a lot of things to consider regarding the regimen, but it comes down to a question to ask yourself: are these things worth it if it gives me clear skin? lots of the side effects will subside after a few months, but the dryness is one that never really will. flakiness will stop, but you will always need to use moisturizer.

3. try not to touch your face. avoid irritation to your face at all costs. read dan's suggestions about this. if you grow facial hair make sure you keep your face clean shaven. facial hair, even just stubble, will cause irritation when you are applying the bp and moisturizer and it can also limit the absorption of the products. other than that its just stay committed and follow it to a T as dan prescribes.

4. yes you should try this regimen. give it a shot. it has worked for so many people. yes there are side effects, but no real health effects. there is a very good chance you will end up with clear skin if you do everything 100% as dan tells you to. battle through the downsides of it (dryness, time commitment, etc.) and keep the end goal in mind. you will likely show significant improvement after 3 months on the regimen. some people clear up quicker, others take more like 6 months.

good luck. hope this helps you decide.

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Thanks guys. I may try other treatments first before doing this, I might go with more natural diets for now. I don't know if I could take the whole thing right now. I'll defiantly be going to this, though if nothing else works. I'll save your do's and don't's thread as well! Thats good to have.

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I'm currently on it and it is by far the best regimen i've tried . I have a bit of discoloration and my forehead has bit of acne, but other than that i'm pretty happy.

That's good to hear :). How long have you been on it for? and how long did it take to see positive results?

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Hey! Thought I'd give my 2 cents:

1. It worked for me, as I'm clear! As of last month I got 100% clear, I have since had 1 pimple which was purely hormonal.

2. Like others said it does take dedication, you need to commit. I personally don't mind doing the regimen so much, because I'd rather waste an hour and a half each day on my face than waste 24 hours obsessing over acne. However I wouldn't recommend it to someone who has a busy schedule, an active social life (I've had to sacrifice late nights out and pub crawls :() or is impatient. You need to know you'll want to quit, several times over, throughout the first few months of the regimen. Your skin will burn, flake, itch, redden and breakout to extremes but it is worth it if you persevere!

3. Some tips are invest in a good hand moisturizer! No joke, BP doesn't only dry out your face but it dries your hands too. Especially now that it's winter my skin's cracking real bad. Don't touch your face without having thoroughly cleaned your hands first; also if you have a haircut that means your hair is in anyway touching your face- change it. I wore my hair in a ponytail or bun for four months straight and the pimples on my temples were the first to go.

4. You should do this regimen if this is your last resort. I would recommend this only to people who are so sick of having shitty skin they'll do pretty much anything to clear it. Purely because if you don't have the motivation to do it, you won't get results.

Good luck! :)

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I've been on the regimen, for the most part, for 10 years. I'm 29.

It has never completely cleared my skin, or cleared it to the point of being "big pimples free" for more than a week at a time.

Right now I have 3-4 large pimples.

It's better than nothing, but nowhere close to "extremely effective" for me.

However, I may be the exception because nothing I have ever tried has worked.

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