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I have suffered with severe Cystic Acne my entire life on and off now in my late 40s it returned with a vengance. Its been like 6 years of searching and using every treatment under the sun, I even had some fear in using Acne.org because my skin would heal and then get used to the treatment and then nothing would work.

If you name a product I have tried it from Clays from France to my Kitchen cabinet I have tried everything even electric current to stop my breakouts and nothing until I combined the use of Activated Charcoal and Aloe Vera Gel prior to Acne.org Wash and Treatment and Lotion.

post-184054-0-29871400-1352450380.jpeg My cheeks broke out with this large Cyst for about 9 months it continued to re break out monthly, much of my cyst would remain in place for a year or longer. All kinds of medications and treatments would not help me. I even tried the Apple Cure no results, a Raw Diet no results but I did lose weight LOL.

post-184054-0-04268100-1352450746.jpeg trying to say cheese my cheek was unmovablepost-184054-0-43176700-1352450770_thumb. the healing begins

post-184054-0-40230900-1352450798_thumb. and oh baby I did not know how to act LOL well its looking great LOL

post-184054-0-16876400-1352450825_thumb. finally something that works for me at last its been 3 months and usually by the first month my acne is used to the treatments and bounces back with a vengance of several cyst at one time but as you can see 3 months later no cystic acne.

post-184054-0-26082500-1352450875.jpeg I can now go out side with out make up caked all over my face and look normal for the first time in 8 years. Its a mericle what ever this stuff is it really works.

Acne.org is just unbelievable... I am going to tell every person I can about it and let them know it really really really works!

my youtube page is Arlen886 ask me any questions you like here or there.

Blessings and Good Luck Healing your Skin!







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Your skin looks wonderful! It's amazing how well this works, isn't it!? I think a lot of people underestimate The Regimen since it seems so simple, but the consistency in using good amounts of bp really does work. Congrats! I agree with the person above, you look beautiful and happy! :)

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Congratulations luv!!! You're skin is looking wonderful... I hope you stick to it... It's beyond it's worth in gold!! :D

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Thank you all, for your nice comments its a dream for me noting has ever worked in my entire life like acne.org it took a min for me to get used to using and applying it was stinging and I was using way too much.

But once I started slowing it down and applying treatment on spots my skin got used to it and it started to work, I still get a small break out here and there if I eat dairy or coffee but I am good they only last a day or two as I apply the activated charlcoal mixture to them asap and use the treatment about 2x per day now.

I love this stuff!

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Wonderful results, and not surprisingly you look incredibly happy. Well done and congratulations! hifive.gif

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