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Best Electric Razor For Mild Acne?

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So my dermatologist told me the truth to avoiding acne while shaving is to use an electric razor. From what I've seen they are all very expensive. Any suggestions on some? I tried regular shaving and it just doesn't work well, leaves my skin irritated and I don't think it's right for me.

List your top 3 electric razors if you'd like, or one will just do.


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i have an older typical 3 circular head type razor and never found it much better than wetshaving in terms of irritation... I had to go over and over and over on some spots to cut 2 or 3 hairs that just refused to cooperate and actually enter the cracks to get chopped. Not to mention I had to press down relatively hard to get a somewhat smooth finish but that also resulted in me hacking up my neck and chin in an attempt to get a baby smooth result. The razor came with a clipper/sideburn trimmer attachment that is basically a clipper at "0" setting so I tried that and never looked back. it leaves a 1mm stubble or so but at least it's uniform and consistent and no irritating whatsoever.

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I have always gotten on better with Rotary's rather than Foil razors. Philips do the best from what I've heard/experienced. My latest one was like £70 and came with a free cleaning machine from Amazon.

I shave at night every other day. Your face needs to be dry beforehand so I splash some water on there, wait 15 mins'ish and then shave.

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