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So, I have been off doxy for about a month now and have been using benzaclin instead since the 7th of October. I am about to start accutane, for a second time in my life (first one was a little more than a decade ago), if blood exams come out fine in the middle of November. I will be honest... I am scared to death, yet my acne scars and I am not ready to give up and accept that my face will look like a battlefield for the rest of my life. Until today, benzaclin seemed to work wonders for my skin. Even though it DID dry my face and despite the flakes and the redness and the initial annoyance, benzie managed to keep my break outs under control. Actually, I didn't have any new pimples forming during this time.

Until of course today... I noticed a big cyst appearing at the side of my nose (where I barely break out) and a few smaller ones spread all over my face (do not seem cystic and I pray they won't be). The thing is that I had let myself get excited with the benzaclin and even thought (how silly of me!) that maybe, maybe I was THAT lucky to be able to skip accutane... Well, how naive I was... I shouldn't have set my hopes on this cause now I feel totally miserable. I am STRUGGLING not to cry but I am not sure I will make it. It is just SO frustrating and sad... My heart literally aches, my stomach feels tight and upset, my breath is short and all these because of this awful disease. I cannot accept it, I cannot accept my face looks like this again. Why can't I get a break? I am 30 years old, I shouldn't fight with acne... It seems accutane is my only resort, I tried so hard to avoid it but nothing works for more than a month or so..

So so so disappointed... Why me?

I just need someone to tell me that everything will be ok.

It will be, right?

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I don't like to give false hope, but I will say: The current Medical Model has failed you. It is not entirely your fault, because you were misguided. You see, the modern medical model is corrupt. They are not vested into your long-term health. The medical system is run by big, big, big pharmaceutical companies: in collaboration with the government. You will always leave the building with a prescription.

If the person treating you for any disease/illness does not diagnose your digestive health and your diet, that person is not helping your health at all. Nearly all diseases stem from digestive health issues. Accutane, Antibiotics, OTC, etc, will not cure acne - it will only mask the real problem. The real cause of acne is internal/diet - despite what most doctors, dermatologists, etc, will say.

Instead of focusing just treating your acne, I recommend you see acne as a marker for your overall health. It does take research, experimentation, and knowledge to know what to do to live a healthy life style. You may think you're being completely healthy, when in reality you could be ingesting tons of harmful toxins. Antibiotics for example can really harm a persons health. Antibiotics should ONLY be prescribed for life threatening pathogens. It is almost criminal to give antibiotics for something like acne. Antibiotics wipe out ALL bacteria in your gut: the good guys and the bad guys. It can take months, and even years to restore the "good" bacteria. Good flora in your gut is mandatory for good health.

What I recommend for you, and I'll be brief cause this post is longish, is a supplementation approach, with a healthy diet, and exercise.

Probiotics, EFA's, No Grains, High quality multivitamin/mineral, Deep Breaths, Water, No Sugar, No chemicals (fluoride, aspartame, etc), Lots of Sunlight (don't burn though[sunblocks are toxic]), Vegetables, Good Protein, Be Happy.

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