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Alternative Moistuirizer

Im pretty sick of acne.org moisturizer being using it a year now. it takes ages to absorb and rub in, it leaves your looking yellow and sick looking like you have jaundice. It doesnt break you out but it doesnt fully moisturize either. It makes my skin look so imbalanced and dry. Main problem for me is the yellowness. Its not a good look. Ive tried cetaphil (too greasy looking) and simple kind to skin broke me out around the mouth but both of them were great at moisturizing. They left no dead dry yellow looking skin on my forehead like the acne.org one does. I use aha but only now and again because it breaks me out in whiteheads if i use it too often. So anyone got any reccomendations of what to use. I see people on here use CeraVe. Which one should i buy? The am/pm one seems too expensive as i live in ireland and its only 89ml and it cost 14 dollars on ebay and another 13 dollars for delivery so thats too much. Is the Lotion good to use? Help would be great thanks and any other moisturizers i could use could you name them thanks.

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion 12oz / 355ml

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM PM 3oz / 89ml NEW

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream 16oz / 453g Jar

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Hello, I am 17 and I actually have quite dry skin and am getting wrinkles from my acne wash/cream. It helps with the acne BUT also causes premature aging (caused from VERY, very dry skin). So, I found something awesome: water.

Water is the BEST moisturizer. What I do is whenever I wash my face I let the water stay on my skin until it naturally dries, which lets my skin naturally absorb the water.

Next, if your dry skin is TERRIBLE (like mine), what I do is wet pieces of tiolet paper and only using a cople sheets of it, I place the wet toilet paper sheets on my "dry areas." My forehead, upper and lower eyelid areas, and the sides of my mouth. Leave the wet tiolet paper on for 40 minsutes and you will notice quite less dry skin. Good luck.

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Thanks but i dont think water can act as a moisturizer when using alot of bp. If anyone else has any moisturizers i can use let me know thanks

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