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Threelac Cleared My Acne

Start with a little background on myself -

I'm no stranger to the site/boards but it has been a few years since I posted last. Like everyone else I was plagued with moderate/severe acne growing up. Eventually took a round of Accutane which only kept me clear for about six months are finishing it. Several months ago my Retin-A-Micro .04 gel and BP combination stopped working. I had the derm up me to .1% RAM and while it helped I was not happy with the side effects. So I decided to try the holistic/natural route yet again. This time I tried Threelac and Oxygen Elements Max from Global Health Trax (GHT). It has now been about four or five months since starting and I'm happy to be able to say that I'm about 99% clear (body and face). It definitely isn't a cheap regimen but it's working and I'm hoping to start scaling back on the amount of Threelac I take per day. One of the reasons for posting this is I've seen Threelac mentioned on the boards before and seemed like its gotten a bad rap as a scam. I can definitely say it does work at least in my case. It may not work for others. I've also seen other improvements besides my acne clearing up. I've also improved mentally as well. My short-term memory has improved. I used to get racing thoughts (due to OCD) and that hasn't been an issue anymore. My migraines have also improved. And funnily enough chapped lips left over from my Accutane treatment years ago have also spontaneously cleared up. By this point people reading this are probably going to think I work for GHT and am trying to benefit financially. Rest assured that I'm just a fellow long time acne sufferer. My success with Threelac has only made me more skeptical of modern medicine. If the dermatologists actually knew what they were doing I wouldn't have still had acne after almost a decade of treatment with various prescriptions. There is no way in hell I would ever do another course of Accutane. I still have some joint cracking that started while I was on Accutane. I'm not going to direclty blame the Accutane but that drug definitely scares me to this day. Anyway it's about time to wrap this up but just wanted to throw it out there that Threelac might be something worth looking into.

Wishing everyone the best.....

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