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Hello i'm bastian on 22 yrs old.

2012 has been the most miserable year of my life.. as many others i wish for better fortune but i guess it backfire to me.. around feb my life change into a deep hole.. i became to start suffering from mild to nothing acne that turn into severe looking nasty cyst acne. and it makes me feel so miserable and lonely that wish me to stay home and never leave. unfortunaly im a person who wants quick fix but it turn out to be my most lethal weapo of all.. i use so many medicnes that i make it worse and now is here to stay and it looks like is not going anywhere. it really sucks because this year was my year. finishing college getting a nice job start building a family but what i got? bad acne and scars and a very doubtful life ahead. which makes me feel even sadder..

can anyone please give me some advices of what to do to aleast have a less visiable scar face..

on tuesday im going to a dermatologist but im afraid of what i might get.. i dont got insurance and it looks like accutane is my last hope but i hear so many bad reviews from either price and sides effects can anyone please informe a bit more.. please thank you.

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Hey Bastian, I am not sure how severe your acne is but using all kinds of products at the same time and hoping for a quick fix is the worst thing you can do attempting to treat it. Many of us on this site understand what you are going through. 2012 was very bad for me as well, in regards to acne. Had a horrible cycle of breakouts right at the beginning of the year. I decided to give the regimen from this site a try and after being very patient for about 5 months, I got completely clear. Have you tried the Regimen?

Whatever you do, just try to remain positive. You are still very young and will eventually get control of your acne. But you have to remember, treating acne is a long process that requires lots of patience. There are no quick fix miracle cures. Trust me, I know from making those mistakes myself in the past. But whichever method you try, you have to give it a few months to really see if it will be effective. See what your dermatologists says since you have an appointment. But many here have gotten clear by following the DKR ( The Regimen ) Look it over and if you havent tried consistent use with BP, give it a shot. I would definitely say it worked for the majority of people here.

Good luck, stay postive. I know its tough at times, wanting to hide from everyone, making you angry and depressed at the same time. But continue to do the things that you love and try not to focus on your acne while to treat it. I had such a bad cycle of breakouts that i too have to deal with the scars left behind. I am giving natural products in addition with time/patience to fight these marks. You will still finish college, get a good job, build a family, with or without acne. Acne should not stop you from doing any of those things. Wish you the best Kiddo.

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