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I Am Cancelling My Date Tonight, Because I Broke Out. This Is Miserable.

Honestly guys, I am not the one to bitch and whine, and if I do I usually keep it to myself. But now I feel like I am losing it.

I am 23 and I had shitty skin since I was 14 or so. I was shy and awkward and moving to a foreign country for college did not make it any easier. I just accepted that it was what teenagers go through and I probably had it a bit worse, but thought: "OK, I'll study really hard now, do my thing and party later." Well, it is 5 years later now. I poured hours and hours and hours of of time in reading, researching, choosing topicals, applying them and I thought I had it under control. Some red post-acne spots, some blocked pores, but generally under control. I am no longer shy and awkward anymore, despite my skin. So I decided to catch up, go out there and find out what I missed in the last 5 years. And exactly last week I had two beautiful girls falling for me and flirting with me heavily.

Today I have a date with one of them, a very cute and a bit shy redhead. And also since yesterday I spot 4 new deep cysts in my lower lip which I did not have since I was 18. The swollen spots look red an bumpy and are so painful it sometimes hurts to talk. It will probably take them at least a day or two to dissolve if I use a lot of ice and BP with antibiotic on them. But then there will also be a spot which will take longer.

I would have probably accepted it tacitly as I always did one week ago. But I was really looking forward to spend some time with this girl.

I waited 5 bloody years, wasted months of my life, thousands of dollars on this bloody acne. I have not had deep cysts for years already. And it comes NOW??!!! NOW???!!! 2 days before I have a date??!!! So badly that I cringe from pain when I talk???!!! What the hell is happening? I feel so cheated, so damn cheated out of all fucking work I have done so far. It is a slap in the face.

I will still call her in a day or two when my face gets better. And today I will go work on those weights in a gym. But, god, this is just screwed up.

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Yeah, I know how horrible it is - I always seem to break out before a date or any other important event. Can only sympathise with you there.

On the other hand, you have a lot to feel positive about. It's fantastic that you're no longer shy and awkward, despite your skin. And you had two beautiful girls flirting with you only last week! I'm older than you and have no idea what that feels like - I have to make a lot of effort to get a date and then end up being rejected. So at least you know you're handsome and attractive, aside from the acne.

I really don't think you should cancel your date. Just go for it. I faced my fears in a similar situation, and that was with a girl who didn't seem all that keen on me in the first place. If you get a good response (and I'm sure you will) then it will help you overcome your insecurities in the future.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

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You should just go.

If you are to be with anyone or date anyone then they will have to accept you for you. That means taking the acne with you as well.

Don't it beat you. I am sure this girl wants to have this date with you for who you are. If that is the case then don't allow acne to CONTROL you. You do this then you're just existing and not really living.

Go and live with or without acne, you'll be fine.

All the best.

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