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Beautyskin Lamp No Longer Being Produced :(

Apparently the manufacturer Dr. Kern discontinued the BeautySkin lamp in May 2012. That's a damn shame. I've had my lamp for almost 3 years now, and was looking to buy a change of bulbs. Apparently the bulbs will last for about 2 years @ 15 minutes a day, although I have used the lamp way less than that.

I definitely recommend the BeautySkin. I used to use it for 15 minutes twice a day, and it made a signifcant impact on my skin. I was never able to completely clear my acne with it (which is between minor and moderate) but it reduced the number of leisons I had by about 2/3. The best method is to combine it with other treatments, like BP or a retinoid.

To be honest, the best part about the BeautySkin lamp wasn't the fact that it helped prevent new leisons from forming (which is what the blue lamps do by destroying the p.acne bacteria), but that it VASTLY speeded up the healing time of existing leisons (which is what the red lamps do). I stopped using the BeautySkin consistently after less than a year because it is extremely tedious to sit in front of it 15 minutes once a day (and for quite a while I was using it twice a day). I had to abandon it for a more sustainable regimen. But I still use the lamp every now and then for its speed healing properties, to help clear up lesions more quickly when I do get them. That`s why I`m thinking of just getting 6 new red bulbs, instead of 3 red and 3 blue. I`m going to see how that works out.

Unfortuantely, the main BeautySkin site is no longer selling anything because its supplier is out of business. I`ve googled around and found a few sites which have BeautySkin stock left over but realistically this commodity will soon disappear off the market completely. So if you`ve got a BeautySkin you might look into buying some replacement bulbs now before everything`s gone.

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I came across your post looking for reviews on the beautyskin lamp. Just seen one on Craigslist for $70 (claim to only have been used a few times). It's in the Ithica/ Cortland (NY) section. I'm near Buffalo so wouldn't make the drive myself, but depending how bad u want another one, I figured I'd let u know since Toronto is only a couple hours away from me. My first time posting so not sure if I'm allowed to post links, but here it is:

*Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules.*

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