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Miss CP

How I Cured My Bacne - Finally


I would just like to let you all know what I did to eliminate my bacne. First a little history on me :

I'm a 24yr old female, athletic, mild/moderate body acne since I was 12, mild facial acne (worse around my menstral cycle). I have tried many things in the past, Benzol Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Vinegar, switching BC pills, regular soap, Teraseptic, Cetaphil, strapless bras, showering 2x per day... the list goes on.

What worked for me was the M2 line (formerly Mama Lotion). I noticed nearly instant results on my back as soon as I got the product and started using it, my acne started to clear up, and in 2 months I have not had a single pustule or pimple show up (I first purchased the product at the end of Aug/12 and it is now the end of Oct/12). I still get occasional mini plugs, which don't bother me because they easily come out if I use a loofa in the shower and are not red or visible to others. I used to get horrible red painful pimples on my shoulder blades, back of neck etc. NOT ANYMORE THOUGH!

I am very pleased with the results. Not only has it eliminated the acne on my back completely, it works really well for hyperpigmentation, and the marks are all fading very nicely.

Here is exactly what I use :


In the shower I use a Loofa with Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash

Apply M2 Body Refinishing Lotion 15% every night to my back/arms/chest before bed

Wash off in the morning and repeat the next night


M2 Skin Cleanser to wash

Apply M2 Skin Refinishing 12% Serum every night before bed

The products are quite expensive, but personally - I would pay a fortune to have clear skin, I have an amazing body in a bikini and have been scared to show it off in public because of the red bumps, I have booked a hot vacation this winter and I CANNOT wait for next summer, girls are going to be JEALOUS!

Also, I do have slightly sensitive skin, this product has not irritated it AT ALL. It is very easy to apply but it is a bit sticky and has an odor to it, but both will dissipate once it absorbs, and it can't be any worse than benzoyl peroxide ruining shirts/blankets/pillows/towels etc. Finally I can sleep in a tank top and not worry about bleaching things or my bf staring at my monster pimples while I'm sleeping.

The main ingredients in the products are Mandelic acid and Malic Acid, Mandelic acid is a powerful acne-bacteria fighting acid and Malic acid is an exfloiant. It is Soap/SLS Free also!

It took a bit longer to work on my face and I still do get the occasional pimple around my menstral cycle, but they are easily extracted as this product helps with exfoliationIIt has caused slight peeling on my face, which I think is how exfoliation is supposed to work, I do not use lotion very often and it is not overly drying. It does say to use a sunscreen but I occasionally use tanning beds still and have not been burnt, so I will continue to do so.

If you have any questions or if anyone else has tried this product please leave a comment! rolleyes.gif

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