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Does Sterilized Milk Cause Acne?

It has been hard to completely remove dairy from my product list , as it is so convenient source of calcium and casein. So i have started to wonder: if the main causes of acne in pasteurized milk are bacteria, IGF-1, estrogen, then maybe sterilized milk has considerably lower amount of these acne causing factors. Since it is heated around 100-130 Celsius, maybe hormones like IGF-1, estrogen starts to denature?

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It's possible, but milk is still not a very reliable source of nutrition. Your body doesn't require that much calcium to function, and your dietary needs can usually be covered with calcium found in leafy greens, fish (like salmon bones) and even bone broth. Casein has been shown to have numerous negative effects on the body, both in digestion as well as by exacerbating neurological disorders. If you're looking for a good source of protein, stick to high quality organic meats, lots of veggies (very important for muscle growth) and possibly the occasional serving of fermented dairy like kefir or yogurt (full fat) for the probiotics and nutrition.

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No. It's worse. It destroys some nutrients that help your body deal with the lectins or hormones. I don't remember exactly, but there's more info in the zag enzyme thread.

A better thing is fermented dairy, ideally made from un pasteurized and/or goat and sheep dairy.

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