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I am 19 years old, female. I have had since I was 15 1/2. I used to have acne when i was 13 but i used a neutrogena scrub and it kept acne away for 2 years then it stopped working and came back and stayed at 15 1/2.

Since i have tried so many products at Walmart, i looked in holistic health ad how to cure it naturally since It seems that people that cure their acne naturally, it does not seem to come back. I believe that acne can be cured holistically with natural methods. I have done a dr natura cleanse for 2 months from june 2012-august 2012. I used the dr natura colonix for the first 30 days and colonix adn toxinout for the next thirty days. My acne had no change.

I researched more and thought i might need a candida cleanse. I REALLY love sweets and thought i might have a candida overgrowth. The only symptoms i had concerning candida was that i had acne, itchy skin, dark curcles under my eyes, painful cramping during periods and almost fainting during periods. I have never had oral thrush or any other sort of yeast infection now( I'm on a candida diet currently) or ever in my life.

Now i am currently on the candida diet and am experiencing die-off-sore throat, a runny nose, had slight headaches and a bit of muscle pain a few days ago but they are gone, nausea. I have been dairy and gluten free for two weeks, tomorrow, and the acne is still the same, Acne scars are still the same way, still breaking out in places i have never broken out before. I stopped eating sugar almosrt to weeks ago, tommorrow, but in the two weeks i have eaten fruit because at times i felt like i was going to pass out. It has been one day since i stopped eating fruit. I even stopped eating meat as i cannot afford to buy oraganic meat. I have eaten so much salads that i am losing an appetite to eat vegetables. Basically what i eat each day is, not in order:

organic free range eggs with raw butter

roasted sunflower seeds

brown rice cakes and coconut oil

oat bran and hemp milk with cinnamon

sometimes salad made of a spring mix with avocados, olive oil, and sea salt


raw cow's plain yogurt

many cups of water

sometimes brown rice

sometimes almonds

supplements i am taking is

50 mg of zinc picolinate

10,000IU of vitamin a

600 mg of milk thistle

55% of oil of oregano or 125 mg of grapefruit seed extract

500 mg of vitamin c

50mg of magnesium

125mg of vitamin b complex

100mcg of vitamin k

and 1000 mg of omega 3,6,9

My acne is all sore bumps that are painful and often have yellow heads of pus. I only wash my face once a day with a trader joe's tee tre oil soap bar because i have sensitive skin. Everyday it looks the same, scars and pimples. I change my pillowcase ever 4-5 days. When i danced i would wear a hat all the time now i dont wear the hat anymore, i have to clean it. I wash my hair with a kiss my face shampoo 2 times a week and condition my hair with coconut oil once a week. I have 5 birds but i do not barely put them near my face anymore.

I have looked into chinese face mapping and believe i do have hormonal acne since no matter what i do my jawline is perfectly clear and i do break more near my periods, it is the same. I have always have grouped breakout right above both sides of my temples and right in the middle of my forhead, sometimes i break out on my chin and i have a grouping of whiteheads on my chin.

I am getting annoyed with this candida diet as i am running out of things to eat, i dont exercise anymore becuase i have no energy so i just sleep and nap. If i move around more i will need to eat more and i am very low on money to buy organic food.

If anybody has any idea or ways of knowing what is causing my acne please reply, i dont know what to do next.

this is the link to the chinese face mapping


ps- i also have a little of folliculitis bumps on the skin near my genitals and sometimes on my scalp and i have gone to the doctor for it but she prescribed me some topical antibiotics and i didnt use it because i dod not want to destroy the flora in my gut since i am on a candida cleanse.

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You should honestly have more energy if anything.. that's a little weird. When I used to eat gluten I felt lethargic almost. You need to eat more most likely.

I've looked into just about everything acne-related and I can tell you that Chinese face mapping is a complete waste of time.

But I can tell you if a doctor gave me an antibiotic I would not hesitate to use them. And they're topical? Then what do you mean they would destroy your gut flora? I guess I just don't understand what you're trying to say or ask.

It's probably stress-induced acne by the sounds of it. My friend has those little bumps near their genitals, chest, and arm pits and their doctor said stress brings it on. You shouldn't be so overwhelmed by your skin problems. Don't try so many things at once or you'll drive yourself crazy.

Try a dermatologist, endocrinologist, and an allergist. I would try a dermatologist as a last resort. You have something going on and it doesn't seem these crazy diet plans are helping much. If you have insurance all of this shouldn't be fairly inexpensive.

Get a food allergy test from an allergist and hormone testing from an endocrinologist. They should be able to answer all of your problems, honestly.

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clambak3- I've heard many people say that antibiotics can destroy good and bad bacteria in your gut, the skin is apparently the largest organ in the body.

alternativista- 2 weeks is not enough for what? Im not sure what you mean.

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