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Still Cant Shake Weight Gain Caused By Spiro

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Hey all,

i took spiro for over a year but stopped due to side effects, including a 20 pound weight increase. Ive been eating like, 1000 calories a day, basically fruit and vegetables, drinking water, working out, and i cant loose a single pound. Ive been eating like this for over 4 months and no change. Anyone have any ideas on why i cant loose? Im really frustrated because i cant fit into my clothes...

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This sounds strange, I don't think this has anything to do with spiro... you haven't lost any weight at all? Try to bump up your cardio like running at least for 10min a day. The key of losing weight is consistency. Build in a routine where you can't have any excuse. Like brushing your teeth every morning, plan an extra window to go running every morning for example. If you follow that, along with eating right, there is no way you won't lose any weight.

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Before spiro i wasnt taking anything. After a year of spiro i gained 20 pounds. Theres no doubt in my mind spiro caused this. I didnt follow through with the progesterone. Stopped after a week. I workout 5x a week and still no weight loss. Its hard to workout now bc after spiro i cant breathe and get winded and feel like im gonna pass out. I thought it was my thyroid but i got my levels checked and theyre normal.

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