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So, I am on a budget and have severe-moderate acne (a 6 on a scale 1-10 on bad days) and after using over the counter Clearasil wash and cream I have seen some improvment.

As for my diet I have tried cutting out diary after reading the success stories of doing so on this website. But milk is healthy, isn't it? So, how can I get the health bennifits of dairy WITHOUT harming my skin? Do I switch to soy milk? Goat?

Any tips for improving my diet for my acne?

I currently drink 8-11 glasses of water a day with added lemon juice sometimes plus tea.

I am also taking daily 400 IU Vitamin E supplement plus 50 mg Zinc. One tablet each.

I am 17 and had acne since age 8. It didn't get bad until 10, though.

I have cut out diary for 4 days now.

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Lots of people have lactose issues so they don't drink dairy. You can still get your fix from (calcium and such):

leafy greens

black eyes peas



chinese cabbage


You will find many more on the internet (you can also take calcium supplements if needs be though its probably best to get it from foods)

The issue with dairy is that cows produce hormones and you are consuming their hormones. Not to say dairy will clear you up or reduce your acne but overall, it will be a benefit for your body

Other tips:

stop eating processed foods

switch to whole grain (read the ingredients and select foods with ingredients that you can actually pronounce and eat in its raw form -ie: brown rice). Watch your carb intake.

Eat lots of veggies

Eat various fruits

Read the nutrition section- lots of info

Good Luck

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