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Acne Came Back After 3 Years Of Being Completely Clear-24 Years Old

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I wish there was a cure... I really really do.

My acne started when I was 15. Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and small bumps on forehead.. I started microdermabrasion when I was about 19. I used to do micro every week for 5 months and after that I got a 3 session laser treatment. It did not cure my acne all the way but it did calm it down. After that I started to take vitamin b6 everyday, just one tablet a day of 200mg. My acne disappeared. Then I went on birthcontrol pills (loestrin24fe) for 3 years. My face became flawless..people will even compliment me. This April of 2012 I started to get pimples all over my forehead. Then my cheeks followed. I didnt do anything differently that would have caused this. I switched my birthcontrol in June to Ortho tri cyclen lo. I saw no difference after 3 months and even managed to get a rash like breakout above my eyebrows and in between them. I discontinued birthcontrol pills, I started b6 again and even started DIM about a week ago. My forehead has little pimple like bumps that feel like sand paper when I run my finger through my forehead. My cheeks have a few white heads and when I wash my face my skin feels a bit bumpy. I eat clean and work out daily. I'm very bummed and would like to know If there are any recommendations. I use aveno skin brightening daily scrub and neutrogena sensitive skin moisturizer ( been using it for 3 years) I cannot use anything with benzoyl peroxide or salicyic acid.. My skin is SUPER sensitive and will dry up and break out. I just took a saliva hormone test and waiting for the results.

Thoughts please.. :(

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