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Red Patch Of Skin On Cheek (Pics Inside)


I got a bad breakout from threading my sideburns in July (she also did some of my cheeks) and when that healed up, I was left with some red marks that I expect to fade in time. But around a month or so ago, I developed this stretching/tightness feeling in my right cheek and noticed light red dots in the area where I had that feeling, but they were not pimples or zits.

I was getting fed up with the facial tightness/stretching/whatever sensation and went to the Dermatologist, who prescribed me hydrocortisone cream. BIG MISTAKE! Two days later, it became a bright red patch in the area I applied the cream. I left it to heal for a couple of days, and then applied Aquaphor for about a week, but it caused me to get a little zit so I got scared and stopped.

It is not as red as it once was, but it still is here. I also don't have that stretching/tightness facial sensation as severe as before, but it is still sensitive. A regular doctor I went to said it was because my skin was really dry. So, I've started cleansing my face with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to retain moisture because every regular moisturiser I use gives me facial flushing and redness!!

Anyway, sometimes, it is not as red and sometimes it is (as seen in the pictures). Currently as I type this, it is red! sad.png The flash is on in the pics so it kind of fades the redness. Also, I have concealer on the red pimple marks in the second picture, but not on the red patch. It looks invisible in the second picture and I don't get it! Why does it keep coming and going and when will it go away?


Sorry, I am hairy :S and that light brown thing is a mole.

Has anyone had something similar to this or do you know how I can treat it? The same dermatologist who gave me the hydrocortisone cream told me I may have rosacea and then recommended getting a peel!! I don't think I am going to go to her anymore because anyone with rosacea should not get peels.

Thank you to anyone who can help.

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