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Hello everyone well, im feeling down..again, so frustrated, especially when i've been torturing myself trying to keep to a diet that involves no processed food, then while i am in work i see these girls with makeup all over their faces eating crisps, chocolate and soda, makes me so angry, why can they eat whatever they want and their skin is perfect, yet even when i diet, skin still equals - shit, WHY WHY WHY, makes me seriously wonder what the point is in being a good person, cause it's not like you get rewarded for it, i've sat in the house now for about 7 months, my friends keep begging me to go out at weekends with them, but my skin wont allow it, WHY DO I HAVE TO FIGHT ALL THE TIME, IM 20 FUCKING YEARS OLD, AND THESE IDIOT 18 YEAR OLDS HAVE PERFECT SKIN AND DO NOTHING TO DESERVE IT, WHEREAS I HAVE PORES, BLACKHEADS, WHITEHEADS, BUMPS, LUMPS EVERYWHERE, i want to believe diet plays a part but how the hell can i when i sit at work refusing to eat for my whole 9 hour shift, yet see these idiots stuffing their face with crap and still STILL have better skin than me, its why i believe there is no god, and i am clinging on to the like 1% of hope i have left to get rid of my acne, since my dr turned her back on me, psychologist never got back to me and i sit in my house alone at 20 years old, (just turned 20 this month), thinking, i have to make this year better than last years was, please acne go away, I DONT FUCKING LIKE YOU I DONT WANT YOU NEAR MY FACE CONTROLLING MY EVERY SINGLE DAY, MY MOODS AND EVERYTHING, god im so depressed, i seriously don't know how im going to make it through another year, its all so shit and this world is so unfair i despise it. only thing that cheers me up is listening to my music, love coldplay!!

Listening to them always makes me feel better, and chris martin is a brilliant guy :)

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If you want to be rewarded then you have to look inside yourself and make your own rewards. I'm not talking about money, power, sex, or anything else the lame-stream media tells you is important. The best satisfaction is coming to terms with your true self, flaws and all, and slowly accepting yourself until you love what you see no matter what anyone else thinks.

I am giving up orgasms to clear my skin. So no; life isn't and never will be fair.... but that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable.

Make your own way in life. Don't follow the thoughts or opinions of others. Everything you need to be satisfied is already within you.

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^ wait i love that. "lame-stream media" ahah


lifes a bitch aint it. gonna be a dork and quote rebel wilson.... "well at least its not herpes.. or do you have that as well?" lulz

and acnes different for everyone so maybe diet changes work for some people but your acnes caused by something else? or maybe the stress from abstaining from delicious junk food is counteracting your diets effectiveness? stress actually does make a huge difference, at least for me it does. i went through a phase where i didnt care about my skin and was just really friendly around everyone and my skin cleared up a ton, plus i talked to people more and had more confidence. so it was win-win....win? yeah haha

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you basically just read my mind

i have come to the conclusion that life is NOT fair, and "god" clearly doesn't give a shit. This is kinda dumb but i have literally prayed every single night since i was like 11 years old for clear skin, or for my skin to at least be "normal", just in case there was a god and he wants to help me but LOL NOPE, still ugly.

it all comes down to whether you have good skin genes or shitty ones. Good people who do nothing to deserve being cursed with this disgusting skin (aka us) have to suffer while stupid bratty slobs who eat crap all day every day and never wash their face have the most perfect skin in the world.

basically just never give up and do anything it takes ( have u tried accutane?) to make it better then you will find some hope.

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