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Cleanser Change Up

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hi. so ive been using a gentle dove soap to wash with. its on the list of recomended drugstore options. and since i was already using it i decided to keep it. now i think i want to give the cleanser on this site a try. i still fell dry and flakey after my shower.

thats actualy another issue. i might as well look for feedback here now as well. the lotion makes my face red. i look at myself in the mirror and my face looks different from my neck. too much lotion im all red and greasy looking. not enough im flakky. anyone else have this problem? anything i can do that works better?

so theres a question, now back to my original.

if i buy the cleanser will it make my skin worse before it makes it better, like the bp. i have oily skin. will it make my skin look worse for a while. the dove soap is working fine so its not worth the switch if its going to hurt my appearance for a short time. anyone report this happening??

thanks for the feedback

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I switched cleansers a few times while on the regimen...and my skin hasn't broke out directly from it. My ultimate favorite cleanser is the Cerave Hydrating cleanser. Good luck! Oh and I love the Cerave moisturizing lotion the best. I can't use Dans either.

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I use all of Dan's products although in the early stages of following the regimen I didnt find his moisturiser to be moisturising enough, but whenever I tried other products (such as cetaphil, and cerave) it caused me to start getting lots of underskin bumps again. Although both those moisturisers hydrated my skin far better than Dan's moisturiser, the whole point of following the regimen for me was to become completely acne free so I switched back.

I would say if you're happily using Dove without any problems then stick with it. Dan's moisturiser is fine, but it is a bit drying when you're first getting used to BP.

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