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My Regimen Log. 28Y/o Female W/moderate Acne On Chin.

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okay so i just wanted to document this a little bit. i suffer from moderate acne on my chin. ranging from your run of the mill acne up to inflamed cysts. i take vitamins (d,b6,9,12,omega3,probiotic,cal/mag, zinc) i only eat gluten once a week (cheat day) and I exercise 3 times a week and drink exclusively water (with maybe 1-2 alcoholic drinks a week) rarely caffeine and dairy is minimal.

today is day 7 of the regimen (its also day 6 of being dairy free, trying to limit that to once a week as well) so far no redness but getting quite a bit of peeling- but i guess thats managable. the jojoba oil in my moisturizer is helping with that. i added that on day 4 (had to wait for it to arrive)

im using cetaphil cleanser, oxy 2.5% BP (until Dans arrives) and cetaphil spf 15 moisturizer with jojoba oil added.

i saw a drastic clearing in the first 5 days. it was awesome. my skin was actually smooth on one side of my chin. then i noticed 2 larger/inflamed spots the evening of day 6. im not going to touch then, im just going to carry on with the regimen and hope they clear faster than normal.

ill post again next week with more progress! other adults share your stories too please!

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hey. its day 10.

skin is a bit more irritated feeling, a little itchy maybe. i ate dairy once on the weekend and now have a few larger bumps- the kind that dont do anything but be red bumps that hang around for a bit.

regimen still going strong. been using the jojoba oil as well.

skin is still peeling quite a bit. i was rubbing my temples the other day (headache) and all the skin around there just balls up. if i touched my face it would all just ball up and peel off. i know the point it to be gentle but isnt it not good to have this dead skin on your face?

i thought at first it was the BP, or moisturizer, but im pretty sure its my skin no? it does only peel off once ive done the regimen, dont think it does first thing when i wake up. my face is dry in areas when i first wake up though.

anyways- just keeping on.

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